Saturday, January 22, 2011

My Zoya 3 Freebies are here today! And a Chi swatch

These are amazing!!! All three are so completely gorgeous - especially Edyta. I will swatch these either later on this evening, or tomorrow.

And take a look at my first and only Chi polish (more to come!) called Midnight Rendezvous. It's such an electric blue, I doubt photos will do it much justice. It applied perfectly, no streaks, no bubbles, great formula and application.
Erika calls blues like this "avatar blues" ...I completely agree!

Friday, January 21, 2011

My New Vegan Nail Polish Brand Discovery: Goldie

I was rummaging through TJ Maxx today and came across a set of 8 gorgeous nail polishes for just $7. They are called Goldie, and apparently Bath & Bodyworks distributes them. They are presented in a really cute pink white & black damask box, and the bottles have molded flowers on the cap. I have never really seen a set of polishes where i want to try them all. There's usually a stinker or two in the box. But I was impressed with each color!

I have only swatched one so far, it doesn't have a name that I can see, but it's a deep aqua sparkly swatch and it is really nice. The application was very pretty, no streaks, looks even more vibrant with a layer of seche vite on it which is weird. The seche almost changed the color entirely, but I like it! I think the polish may have been intended to be matte. I don't know much about matte polishes though so that's just a guess.

two left fingers are without Seche, two right are with Seche

I thought i'd photograph it with the contrast of a gold NP bottle...

then I got an idea....

to bling up my ring finger

and I like it!!


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Color Club Covered In Diamonds Vs. Nubar G188 2010

I was super excited to get Color Club's Covered in Diamonds today. I was really itching to swatch it with a mint green cream. I thought they'd go together really well.

I used a mint green by China Glaze- 2 coats, and I think perhaps because I didn't let it fully dry before applying the Color Club, it just sunk into the polish and ended up looking so gross! Reminded me of ambrosia. Not a pretty sight. And it's such an awful gritty texture. Very unappealing. I'm so disappointed!

Well since I had wasted 1 hand, I decided to take out my Nubar #G188 and use that on the other hand. Oh what a difference! I didn't have to wait for the China Glaze to dry either. It's just incredible, what a huge difference there is between the two. Would I recommend the Color Club swatch? Sure, if you have time to wait for your base color to dry first...and only use 1 coat! That's all you need!

Here are some comparison photos.

This is Color Club's Ambrosia --- I mean Covered in Diamonds ;)

Nubar G188-

Color Club - Covered in Diamonds

Color Club



Color Club

Trying something..(erika)

I did this purple gradient the other day(yes I did walk my ass to CVS to buy more np remover) and Im sorta kinda liking it. I wish I did a neater job though. I guess we all have our sloppy moments;) Please refrain from looking at my ragged as hell cuticles. I know they are not for anyones viewing pleasure,lol.




You know what's weird, in the fall when of course the style is to rock beautiful rich red and deep chocolate colors, all I want to wear is bright and flashy colors! But now that its winter, and i have so many beautiful wintery inspired shades.. all I want it to do deep reds and browns. I know, you are all saying (wherever and whoever you are) fuck it! Where what you want! Maybe this calls for Blair by Zoya! Does not get anymore gorgeous of a red then this! Its a almost cooler version of Colbie from Zoya. (which I seriously still have no idea why I do not own it!)




Hexagon Glitters make my heart smile (Julie)

I do love my Barry M Indigo swatch, but I just get bored so fast! I thought, now that I have the perfect indigo shade, I can bling it up with my Hard Candy glitter polish in Break Up. I love this stuff! It applies plentiful in one swipe, and also has small silver glitter which adds to the really is a gorgeous swatch.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mail Day From the UK! And CLEARANCE Time At Ulta - What a Haul!

Today is a fantastic day in my little world of lacquer. Woke up this morning feeling totally confident that I would find Barielle's "Elle's Spell" at Ulta, so I drove my tush 25 minutes out on the island to pick through their stock and find a bottle.

No such luck. No Elle's Spell. But ...there's a big fat but here...I managed to arrive the very day that they put out all the clearance items and I just about went nuts! Barielles for $1.99, Ulta brand for $0.49, Piggy Polish for $0.99, and Chi for $0.99. I bought a bunch of swatches after spending a good half-hour picking through the new sale items.
*swatch names coming soon*
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Then I arrived home, tried a few swatches out, even attempted a very BAD reverse french manicure which I have to show for pure comic relief---

Just ran downstairs to check the mail about 15 mins ago, and to my surprise, my Barry M order showed up, all the way from the UK. Thanks Barry M :) These swatches are divine! The grey/purple is called Dusky Mauve, and is a dupe for the Chanel swatch everyone is nuts over. I also got Indigo, and Pink Iridescent.

I can't wait to swatch all these! I will get to that tonight or tomorrow. For now, just enjoy some unveiling shots, and have a great night!

Here is Indigo - the only one I've swatched so far. It is a much more purple blue than it shows in the photos.