Monday, October 14, 2013

Essie "For the twill of it" (MAGIC)

How I mean how could I pass this one up. It's magic in a bottle. AND REALLY HARD TO PHOTOGRAPH. So I'm totally using Essie's photo of it:
I mean what is that? That is magic. 

Here is my attempt at photographing it. Yup, as good as it gets.  With the lovely "The Lace is On".



silvery pinks?

It is opaque in about 2 coats, a little thick, but totally makes up for the awesomeness of the color. Dry time is about 10 minutes with seche vite, god bless seche vite. I also used a new base coat. The gel like strengthener from Sally Hansen.  I seriously need help in the strengthening department. I think if this one is a stinker, Ill give nail envy from OPI a try. But once again, MAGIC IN A BOTTLE.