Monday, November 19, 2012

Wet n Wild- Dancer is the best Reindeer

Hey all!

So sorry about my lack of posts but life and that bitch hurricane Sandy got in my way! I live on staten island so it's a bit of a disaster still over here, luckily the family I work for and me as well got out unscathed( except no hot water and electricity for a few days). We were pretty lucky, but we didn't have net for a bit and my network for my phone was pretty much a message saying Um no try again. They like to call it "searching" But I can not complain, I am alive and have a home.

 Any hoo, I feel awful for the lack of posts on this blog, Gotta get it back to everyday status like it was last year! but Ill shut up for now, and post my lastest manicure:
It's an Iphone pic sorry! I didn't have my camera card so I couldn't take an pics! But I got it back yesterday but this manicure looks like some crazy person chewed it off...:shifts and whistles:.
Sorry when I get nervous, I chew my nail polish off. Sexy, I know.

If you are wondering this is one of the new Wet N wilds called Dancer is the best Reindeer and underneath it  is Raven by Zoya. An awesome cream black that is opaque in two coats.

Here is an upclose macro shot of Dancer :

How amazing is that?
Keep it up WnW! 

Okay Back to work!