Thursday, February 28, 2013

What is the most you will spend on a nail polish?

Chanel.. we need to talk.

I've ofter wondered who are the crazies who pay more then 30$ for a nail polish, for 30 bucks this polish better serve me breakfast in bed and drive me to Target! I think my cut of for a nail polish would be much does a Chanel go for? 25-28 dollars? And that is pushing it. And is it me or is Chanel getting very lazy with the colors, white polish.. seriously Chanel. You are better than that.
Sorry, Tom, I cant spend 30 bucks on your very pretty but high priced nail polishes.

Okay all you Clarins unicorn pee buyers, don't take this the wrong way, but yeesh! How did you spend the money for this gorgeous polish without cringing when you hit the paypal button?

bitter.. cause Ill never own this beauty.
So what is your spending limit. Do you have one, if you don't can I stand next to you while you shop for nail polishes and worship you?