Thursday, May 10, 2012

Something different and not quite me!

I am so not a neon color type of girl, I tend to stay away from bright neon colors. Orange cone nail polish..Yeah I'll pass. But I bought the roller girl set from Urban Decay a while back and it comes with Woodstock, this intense hot pink color that you can see from a mile away. It set in my nail polish travel case for a while before I said, "ah what the hell, lets give it a go!"

I loved how shocking it was, but It just felt like something was missing so I broke out the konad (actually the faux Konad) and printed multiple butterflies on each nail. Now I have to state the butterfly is the only design I have mastered..OH KONAD WHY YOU SO HARD FOR ME!

And after two generous coats of seche vite, because I'm not to crazy about the matte look that neon colors decide to be, and a splotch of glitter (OPI for Sephora, Its bouquet with me) I was pleased with the results! I think this is a nice push for me to be more adventurous. If anyone is curious I used plain old white for the butterflies, but with the seche it kind of faded off. But that is it for now, time for bed!