Saturday, January 22, 2011

My Zoya 3 Freebies are here today! And a Chi swatch

These are amazing!!! All three are so completely gorgeous - especially Edyta. I will swatch these either later on this evening, or tomorrow.

And take a look at my first and only Chi polish (more to come!) called Midnight Rendezvous. It's such an electric blue, I doubt photos will do it much justice. It applied perfectly, no streaks, no bubbles, great formula and application.
Erika calls blues like this "avatar blues" ...I completely agree!


  1. what do you think? I was more impressed with it in the bottle than I was on my nails :(

  2. and wow....yours sure showed up late huh! That must have been an agonizing wait! My last one (back order) showed up today actually lol