Saturday, December 11, 2010

Showing some wintery love on my nails

Hmm wintery, is that even a word? Oh well, lets say it is. So now that Christmas is upon us very soon, I'm starting to get in the Christmas spirit. I painted my nails a very opalish color, that looks like a pearlish color from a far, but when looked at closely it has hints of pink, blue and gold.. ah opal purty-ness.
But to add a finishing touch, I added snowflakes on my ring fingers, to really get in the mood.
The design is pretty basic, just strokes of a plain white detailing NP, and some amazing silver glitter nail polish from OPI for Sephora in Flurry Up! I mean look at those chunks of silver..
A very simple manicure for the cold winter months... or wintery in my case;-)
Also, another thing that's great about light colors is that when they are starting to chip or show tip wear, it's not as noticeable (especially for lazy people like myself who don't stay on top of their manicures!)

And Introduction, And My first NP Demo (Julie)

Hi there - name is Julie. You've already heard from Erika. We are both Island girls (Long island, and Staten island..har har) and both share one common obsession: nail polish. We are also pretty fashion obsessed, make-up obsessed, e-bay obsessed, thrift-shop trollers, and we're quite up-to-par on our celebrity gossip. So expect a healthy dose of all subjects, nail polish demos, make-up tutorials, designer clothes for less, and more girly bits....

I'm absolutely head-over-heels for China Glaze. I see my collection growing at an alarming rate, but my gosh, their amazing! I'm really working on getting my nails (and fingers) a bit healthier looking before I start excessively demoing colors. I am a notorious cuticle biter, and my nails are thin and brittle and not all that nice to look at. I also can't really paint my nails for shit. SO, expect a full turn around as we dive deeper into the world of NP blogging.

I will start off with a 1 color demo - China Glaze Midnight Mission. It's one of my favorite colors ever - a deep slate blue with just enough sparkle in it. I topped this off with Seche Vite and voila....

Don't focus too much on my icky hands, dry peeling cuticles, and inability to paint just my nails (and not my fingers, too). That'll all change in time when I become more confident with the process over trial and error. We all have to start somewhere, right? (If anybody has tips on how the heck I can paint my nails a little better, by all means...please share)


Friday, December 10, 2010


Well Im one of the girls from this blog, who as you can tell as a wee bit of an obsession with nail polish... for many many years now. My obsession started somewhere when I was about 13ish... I bought the wet n wild version of sky blue from Hard Candy.. The bottle lasted about 2 weeks. I painted my nails almost every day with the color, toe nails included.
Photo from
From there it was brands like Brucci, Emerge(remember them?!) and of course Wet n Wild( hey 99¢ for a bottle of nail polish, can't beat that!) After that I moved onto brands like Jane, Revlon, Streetwear, and Loreal.. This was a great way to find out that just because it cost more, doesn't mean its better..(I'm looking at you, Revlon)
For a while I amassed a nice collection of nail polish but due to me being an idiot and not screwing on the caps tight enough, a lot of my beautiful nail polished dried out and were tossed..(where was nail polish renewal drops then?)
After a few years, I took a small sabbatical from nail polish and started another obsession.. make up. But now that it has been a few years, I have recently got back into my nail polish addiction, er collecting.. and here are just a few favorites brands of mine:
Opi by Sephora-

AMAZING colors and the quality is bar none one of the best I have used:

Probably one of my favorite brands-
Seriously.. look at those colors. Are they not complete eye candy?

And with sad regrets, I must add the nail polish that I am not a fan of.. Revlon. I'm sorry to report this ...but Revlon's colors are amazing, but the formula in my opinion is crap. A- it takes forever to dry, even with speed drops and B- when it does finally dry, its peeling by day two. I remember I bought this color called Blackberry by them. Look at this gorgeous red color:
It was even more beautiful in real life, but it also peeled off the entire nail by the next day. Even though I used a base coat and top coat.. so I never used it again and it dried up and got... tossed. But that is a tale for another day, you should be getting a post from Julie very sooon..
Ta ta for now...