Friday, March 4, 2011

It's A Party On My Hands

Yeah that was super cheesy. Anyway, I haven't quite been able to bring myself to buy Happy Birthday by Deborah Lippmann because I wasn't sure I'd like it. Then I received Wet & Wild fastdry Party Of Five Glitters last month for V-day. I finally got around to swatching it today (what was that I was saying about taking a few days off from swatching? Right.) over a really interesting color by Sinful Colors. I really love the combo. Very electric and just about as bling-tastic as they can get. The sinful swatch underneath is called Dream On. I'm really disappointed, as I had no idea it was a matte polish, and I really don't like matte polishes. But it shined up really nice with PO5G's and Seche Vite on top. I'm really digging this! Too bad I have nowhere to go with my party fingers. Ewh. That sounds kinda dirty...

New Polishes ☠Warning naked nails and crap cuticules!☠

But before I show you the new polishes that I got, avert your eyes if you have to...
I decided to give my nails(following Julie's example) a breather. I have to say it did feel nice, but by Thursday I was ready to get to polishing again!
Luckily the very same day, I received a package from ebay(coughevilbay) from a seller in NY. I purchased a few polishes( but had to stop myself!) I also wanted to use my ebay bucks before they expired! I got three colors that really caught my eyes!
I remember seeing these in Ulta a few years ago and for some reason I didn't get them. I think I may have been Christmas shopping and had the "Nothing for you, Erika.."mantra You know that little voice in the back of your head that never shuts up during the Christmas season? But now that I found it on ebay, I had to get it! It is so pretty in real life.
I had never heard of these polishes before.. I googled them, and holy rollers, these are amazing halo's! I got mystical mandarin. I am on the look out of the blue version (which names escapes me at the moment..)Blech those cuticles. I swear.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

I am Under Elle's Spell!

This is a long-time want of mine, and I was able to trade with a wonderful lady over at makeupalley.

Now I know I said I wouldn't be swatching all that much for the next few days, but I already had red nail polish on, so i thought it wouldn't be cheating if I just throw a layer of Elle's Spell on top to see if it's worth all the fuss. News IS! It's so pretty and lights up in the sun. It's what I'd call the perfect swatch. No doubt, Erika you are going to LOVE this!

Does anybody else love Elle's Spell? Oh, and did you notice our new March banner?? We are going to change our banner every month because well, we feel like it lol. And it's fun!

This is swatched with just 1 layer of Elle's Spell over a candy apple red polish. I bet 2 or 3 would make this even neater.

You know you want to click me! Look at the close up!

Beauty tips (Renee)

Good morning everyone!

Renee here, with a few beauty tips. I've actually finished my next mani, gold glitter over red polish to make a glittery-burgundy look, but since it's night here and the lighting's bad, I'll put pics up tomorrow.

Got dry, damaged hair? Did you know that Vitamin E can make your hair shine? It can if you take enough of it regularly. It also helps wounds to heal and reduce scarring, and strenghtens skin. Good sources of Vitamin E are brown rice, nuts, wheat germ, and green, leafy veggies. Popeye really had something there with his spinach!

Love garlic? Betcha didn't know that it is said to be a miracle food that can combat wrinkles and sagging skin! Again, gotta eat enough regularly. One helping of garlic bread isn't gonna cut it!

Bugs Bunny also had it right- carrots are extremely good for you. Not only do they contain beta carotene, but they can also help protect the outer layer of your skin and even possibly prevent premature aging.

Now, all of these things aren't going to make you look 21 again overnight. With all health foods, you have to commit and consume them regularly to see any effect.

I'll be back tomorrow with my newest mani :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Birthday Theme

So yeah, tomorrow I will be turning the big 3-0. Not very excited about it but what am I gonna do? Maybe I should give myself a nice camera for my birthday so I can take nicer pictures :) We'll see.. Anyway, here are my birthday design colors:

1 Coat of OPI Over the Taupe
French tip with OPI Sparkle-icious
Made bows with LA Colors Art Deco ;)

Thanks for taking this pic Julie! :)

PS. I am back to acrylic for the moment since I totally fried my UV lamp today :(

Mail Days Make Bad Days Better

I really am having an awful/horrendous/wretched/ It's that bad lol.
But I just arrived home to a bin full of packages. 4 to be exact. I really got some goodies - is that TWO Elle's Spells you see? Yes it is! And one of them is for my dearie, Erika. (it's a surprise til she sees this post lol)

I had my second exchange through, It was a breeze to arrange, and the sweetheart I had the pleasure to swap with sent me two lovely extras that I've never heard of! They're fabulous glitters and I can't wait to swatch them. I don't think they're from the US. I wonder where she got them!

And, to brighten my day even farther, my new friend from the nails forum at has informed me that I am getting a "RAOK" from a member there! I never got a RAOK before! (that's random act of kindness) I have NO idea who it's coming from, and I don't know what it's going to be. Needless to say, I am giddy with excitement!

Lastly, please excuse my lack of swatching lately, I really am just trying to give my cuticles a breather. Expect plenty more soonAdd Image
Here is some eye candy of my new polishes.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

And we have a WINNER!

Number 27 come on down!

Out of a list of many entries that we compiled the winner of our very first giveaway is Hey-Hay! We will be emailing you very shortly for your address, congrats!

Also thanks again guys, we will be doing another giveaway very shortly due to the success of this one.

-A Polished Life

Monday, February 28, 2011

Loving gel top coat..

So last night, after my crazy two year old went off to bed I decided to do a nice design on my red nails. Right after I was done with my nails my body was too tired to wait for them to dry and I fell asleep. I woke up with my nails stuck to my hair, not a pretty sight =/ I didn't want to put another coat of just a regular top coat because I was afraid it was going to take a long time to dry and I do have that little two year old running around. lol So I decided to use a gel top coat and dry it with the uv lamp. Not only did the gel fixed all imperfections that where caused by me falling asleep last night but it made the polish extra shiny and it dried in a minute! Ready to start the day looking after my little terror :) The gel top coat is not a very well known brand, I got it on ebay from this seller:

Bad pic alert!