Saturday, June 8, 2013

Missed part of the thumb, oh well!

Missed part of the thumb, oh well! #nails #zoya #urbandecay #sooki #manicure #sechvite by fairymoore

I couldn't decide between this hot pink nail polish from an Urban decay set that I bought a few years ago, and this gorgeous blood red aptly called Sooki from Zoya, one of my favorite Zoyas! So I did both! I never really do the ring finger stand out nail, but I think the two went well together. I do need to redo the thumbnail part, see this is why i never show the thumbnail! I always seem to miss half of it ( but that may be pure laziness on my part) And of course a generous topcoat of Seche vite. I cant imagine doing my nails with out it.

I also think this look works better on shorter nails, agree? disagree? Let me know in the comments! But tata for now!