Thursday, December 8, 2011

Mischa by Zoya

I ordered this last year but it is the first time I am using it! Here is the information from zoya:
I did not realize that it was only a 2 on the intensity level, so you can guess how many coats it took to get to this:

Four Coats.

Yep, four coats. But it's so pretty so I forgive you Zoya! I also put a coat of Fairy Dust from China Glaze on top. I mean, I just had too. Mind the cuticles, I ran out of cuticle oil, and I'm really not a huge fan of trimming them (I'll let the professionals take care of that...)

It's a great color, but I think it would look amazing over white or black! If you have a ton of patience, which I do because I watch children everyday, then this would make a great addition to your nail polish collection! But okay, off to watch some TV (addict over here!)
Tata for now!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Zoya Kelly and an unexpected treasure!

So when the lovely Julie visited me a few weeks ago, she gave me a few awesome polishes, and I can't wait to try them all out!

The first one I tried was Zoya Kelly. With a name like that, you'd expect it to be some shade of green, but it's this beautiful dark gray with blue and purple undertones. I don't have any other color like this (I mostly have pinks, reds, blues, and glitters) so this was really awesome! It's such a pretty color, perfect for fall. It does dry darker than it looks in the bottle, which may be a problem for some people, but not at all for me. This time my photos suck more than usual (lol) but my camera is MIA at the moment. (Even when I have it I get terrible sunlight on my balcony for pictures..sigh) so I had to use my iPhone camera, which is usually good, but it doesn't photograph creams so well (it makes them look even streaker than they usually are) so bear with me here.

Here's the lovely Zoya Kelly!
Zoya Kelly
Isn't it gorgeous!

So what is the unexpected treasure you may ask? Well, do you remember the gel look Beauty World polish sets I blogged about a whiiiile back? Well, they have ghetto fabulous copies of them in the Japanese version of dollar stores here. They are two bottles to the pack instead of three-well, what do you want for a buck?- and I never really thought they were very attractive colors (the one in the photo below has a clear yellowish base, and I didn't think yellow-looking nails would be attractive) but I gave it a shot, and was very pleasantly surprised! It's an awesome holo glitter, and looks great layered over a dark color like this. I guess the lesson here is don't judge a polish by it's bottle color!

Crayon holo glitter over Zoya Kelly
(blurred to show holographic sparkle)