Thursday, October 10, 2013

Essie "The lace is on" Fall 2013 collection

Fall is finally here, not so much in New York because the temp has been in the late 70's.. the other day we hit 80. I mean really now? I need an excuse to wear my bulky sweaters, come on people.

But I digress, Essie has really been upping their game lately, the new fall colors have been really.. well.. different! You expect fall colors, browns.. reds... the like, but they have an awesome duo chrome and a glitter and well this:
Um hello, gorgeous!

Sorry for the yellow tint, until my 64 gig media card comes up I'm reduced to using my iPhone for pictures! Hold me. #White girl problems...I know. But I got so used to taking much better pictures with my g11 that I have been spoiled. Them's the breaks. But I must run off now, I've got nannying to do.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

What's your biggest nail why does this exist?

You know exactly what I am talking about, the nail polish styles that make you go, why did they make this? Okay I might get burned at the stake for this, but why does Matte polish exist? The one thing I love about nail polish is the glossy glossy finish, I go to great lengths to have extra ooh la la. But matte polish defeats this! When the matte polishes came rolling out, I walked away puzzled. But to each their own, some people loved the mattes, still do. But for now, I am good.


Textured polishes have me at 50/50. Some companies have done a really good job with it.  Zoya, I LOVE YOU AND YOUR PIXIE DUST POLISHES. I WANT THEM ALL. And when you put on a topcoat, DROOL.
Thanks All laquered up!


 Those gumdrop polishes, those are gorgeous.
I have the red one, from my friend Tarah, it rocks my socks.
But some companies, I wont name, well they missed the ball. And they cost almost the same as the Zoya's, more then the gum drops, and they are already on clearance. So I guess I wasn't the only one that thought they stank...pew pew pew.

But seriously, what nail polish out there makes you go hmmmm?