Thursday, November 10, 2011

Zoya Izzy-Birchbox

Okay, seriously, who is loving Birch box? Okay for anyone who is into getting a great beauty deal for super cheap-o (coughme) Birchbox is a subscription service where you get a package every month for 10$, in this box you receive deluxe sized samples, jewelry, and other fun stuff! I can't believe I waited so long to join! But that is besides the point, in the BB for November, it came with a bottle of Zoya Izzy. Okay so it wasn't a full size, but it was Zoya! And bonus, it was a color from the new winter 2011 collection. Onto the pics!
I also added some white nail pen detailing, because as Ive said before Ive been spoiled with nail art, and a freshly painted nail is like a canvas to me. And I can't help myself! I just wanted a simple white design, something easy to remove. Because lets be real here, I love my glitter, but it's a bitch to remove.

I also did want to mention that the giveaway is coming to an end soon! I have lots of goodies, including some Japanese gems! I just want to get everything together, but I also want to leave some things a mystery;)

Okay ta ta for now!