Thursday, March 17, 2011

Here's another one!

Hey everyone,

Hope everyone had (or possibly is still having) a great St. Patrick's day! Sadly I didnt get to go to a pub(Tarah), but I did have a celebritory shot, so at least their is that! Here is my St.Patty's day manicure. (or is it St. Paddy's?) 

I used Zoya in Ivanka, from their Sparkle collection and this amazing micro glitter that I got from Micheal's a craft store. Seriously, the most amazing glitter you will ever find for doing a gradiant look. and to finish, I painted a pastel green shamrock on my ring fingers. The finishing touch was a little green rhinestone on each one. Overall, a very cute and easy manicure!
That's it for now! Have a great Friday everyone:D

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Good morning, and happy St. Patty's Day everyone!
It's been a little crazy where I am, but to escape the stress for a little I was able to do a special manicure for today :)

Sorry the picture is a little big.. I tried to shrink it and failed.. miserably.. but yeah, that is the least of my problems at the moment. Maybe one of my lovely co-bloggers could help me out this time around xoxo (Fixed Renee, xoxo back)
To achieve this look, of course I started with a good base coat. Always use one ladies, as some nail polishes stain nails, and it helps the polish to stay put. As the main color, I used Orly Salon Nails #196, Femme Fatale. It is a pretty, light, pearly green. For the dark green, I used China Glaze #886 Jolly Holly that Julie gave me for Christmas, and the light green is Sally Hansen Color Fast #10 Lucky Creme. I coated the tips with a green glitter, Wet 'n' Wild #455A.
Sorry for being so short of words this time around, but I am under a lot of stress, and the creative juices just aren't flowing today.
Later everyone :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Mistake: Orly's Nail Rescue Kit

You're probably (or probably not!) wondering why I haven't posted any manicures lately - well let's start by saying that one little mistake lead me to total nail FAIL.

Orly's Nail Rescue Kit , while it is a novel idea, is a complete disaster! I had a split nail (a low split) on my middle finger a few weeks ago, which happens to me SO often  I can't even tell you. I was tired of always having to cut down my nails when I get a split -  so I went to the store in search of something that could temporarily repair my nail. And there I found the rescue kit by Orly.

Got home and gave it a shot, and loved how well it fixed the split, like it was never there! But in two days, the acrylic layer on the nail cracked... so I applied another layer. Then another nail split, applied it on there, until ALL my fingers had this rescue kit on them. Eventually, from adding on layers of this acrylic powder, the tips started to chip in layers, and were uneven with the rest of the acrylic layers, and I made the decision to buff them down. It didn't work so well. Some of my nails are free of the acrylic, but most have little patches of acrylic on them, and I'm afraid to buff any further because my nail beds are very tender now. And I've also managed to dry up and fray my cuticles from using acetone to remove the acrylic, and a buffer to smooth it.

My nails are SO WEAK and damaged from the buffing, I had to cut off all of my nails so short, and now I have to start building them all over again. I'm so bummed because I have received about 10 new polishes in the mail, and have more to come, and I can't paint them until they're grown out and strong(ish) again.

Would I recommend it personally? No. Not at all. I honestly don't see the point of it! If your nail breaks, just suck it up, and cut it down even. This kit is only a very temporary fix (a few days best) and once the acrylic cracks, you're back at square one with the broke nail, AND a layer of acrylic that is glued onto your nail and is impossible to remove, even with acetone. It's not worth the hassle IMO. It didn't rescue anything. It did the exact opposite.

This is what that kit did to my fingers-

Monday, March 14, 2011

E.L.F nail polishes and manicure

If you ever find your self in Target aka the best store ever ( to anyone who is not familiar with Target©, it is basically a chain store in the states, almost like a Tesco?) If you find yourself in the beauty aisle there, you know that they sell ELF products. But for the spring, they have released new products which included a 5 piece nail polish, for five bucks!

I grabbed it, the last one! (Isn't that always the case?) Two of the colors, a melon color and a light pink I gave to my grandma, because I knew that she would like them.

But the three that remained was a minty blueish green, a lilac pastel, and a dusty rose. All creams.                 
  Very gorgeous for the spring!
                                                          I also wanted to show a swatch of Sally Hansen's HD nail polishes in BYTE. It's a duochrome, from one side pink and from the other, purple. And from angles, a blue pops out! Overall, a gorgeous color and another great color for the spring.

Next blog, St. Patrick's day manicure!

That's all for now guys, 

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Wet n Wild..Say what??!

You saw from my last Wet n Wild post that the nail polishes and from what you saw, the colors are amazing! But have you seen the new palettes that they have been releasing?

I managed to find two of the three six pan palettes that were released in Feb, and can I say..WOWSVILLE? And I'm not talking about the diner from Ghost World. The colors are so pigmented and gorgeous!
                              736 Petal Pusher
Don't mind the two colors that were pressed back into their pan, I'm a nanny. Make-up and toddlers, bad equation.
 737 Blue had me at hello.

Look at those blues! 
Now their is one more palette, called 738 Comfort Zone, which is based on browns and greens. It will be mine, oh yes it will be mine!!!...if I can find it...
By the way these palettes retail for...4.99$ 
Three new colors, 232C FuchsiaRama, 223C The Gold & The Beautiful, and 228C Teal of Fortune. Teal of Fortune was a gift from an ebay seller from whom I bought the silent treatment palette. It was such a sweet thing, and seriously the nicest thing any ebay seller has ever done. And folks, I have bought quite a few things from ebay (I am not proud of this) The fast dry polishes are 1.99$ each. Amazing.
Look at those flakes!
Seriously, this is an almost 100% dupe for Zoya Charla or OPI catch me in the net. But for a fraction of the cost!

Okay, well considering that I've been up since 3am, (can not sleep..) I am going to try and probably fail at giving this sleep thing another go. Ill be back with some new nail polishes!
Ta-Ta for now,