Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Revlon, you crafty minx you!

Revlon, you are very crafty.. because you made me buy another one of your polishes. Even after many times I said I wouldn't...I have. This time in the form of the Chanel Graphite dupe called Carbonite.
Mind the obvious"I didn't get all the nail polish of my nails thumb look"

Now I don't own the Chanel version, for obvious reasons. (I am po') But when I saw this polish in CVS last week, I decided to throw caution to the wind(as I always do when it comes to the nail polish gods) and buy it.

Last night, looking at my crazy chipped nails from this past weekends manicure, I gave it a go.

The formula, is.. (is Revlon reading this right now because someone is) so much better! I glided on with ease, no bubbles, fast drying time! I am so glad I bought this because it is so much prettier on the nail then in the bottle. On the nail, when you move it around you can see hints of an olive green and black shimmer.  Definitely almost a dupe for the Chanel version at almost 20$ cheaper! I paid 3.29$ for my bottle.

I think I'm starting to warm up back to Revlon, and I have to say their offerings in the past year have been amazing. I hope they release more dupes for this girl on a budget with a slight(MAJOR) nail polish addiction.

PS. Bubblewrapper brought up a good point, this color sucks up shine, so if you really love a shiny nail polish, this one might disappoint. Even with Seche Vite, it still had a muted finish. 
Ta-ta for now!

L.A. Girls Rock Star Double Platinum

Ok I know it's Wednesday, and I should be posting a pink mani, but I had already done this one, so this time I'm sticking with it :p

I got this in Japan a few months ago, and I didn't get any more (though I REALLY wanted to) as they were all overpriced (as all foreign polishes are here), and the store is all sold out :*( This is a beautiful champagne-gray toned holographic glitter. It's a mix of regular and holo glitter, and in the bad store lighting I didn't notice that it had holo in it until after I painted my nails-a pleasant surprise to say the least! All nails two coats except the middle, which has three. I definitely think it needs the third coat. Awesome polish, I love it!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Nails Inc. London Plum

I got this through Kitten Nails' blog sale about 3 months ago. It was an exclusive Diet Coke limited color in specially marked packages. Sorry for the blah picture, it just wasn't working out that day.

The formula was so-so. I had to actually add nail polish thinner to it as it was too gloopy when I first tried to polish my nails with it. I only have one polish by this company, so I don't know if it was just a fluke or if they're all this way.

Nails Inc. London Plum by KitaRei
Nails Inc. London Plum, a photo by KitaRei on Flickr.

The color itself is, well, plum. It doesn't seem to be anything that I can't get from another brand (though it is a nice shade- just saying, if you really like it don't despair, it can be found in other brands!)
It did look really nice in the light though :)