Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mail Day From the UK! And CLEARANCE Time At Ulta - What a Haul!

Today is a fantastic day in my little world of lacquer. Woke up this morning feeling totally confident that I would find Barielle's "Elle's Spell" at Ulta, so I drove my tush 25 minutes out on the island to pick through their stock and find a bottle.

No such luck. No Elle's Spell. But ...there's a big fat but here...I managed to arrive the very day that they put out all the clearance items and I just about went nuts! Barielles for $1.99, Ulta brand for $0.49, Piggy Polish for $0.99, and Chi for $0.99. I bought a bunch of swatches after spending a good half-hour picking through the new sale items.
*swatch names coming soon*
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Then I arrived home, tried a few swatches out, even attempted a very BAD reverse french manicure which I have to show for pure comic relief---

Just ran downstairs to check the mail about 15 mins ago, and to my surprise, my Barry M order showed up, all the way from the UK. Thanks Barry M :) These swatches are divine! The grey/purple is called Dusky Mauve, and is a dupe for the Chanel swatch everyone is nuts over. I also got Indigo, and Pink Iridescent.

I can't wait to swatch all these! I will get to that tonight or tomorrow. For now, just enjoy some unveiling shots, and have a great night!

Here is Indigo - the only one I've swatched so far. It is a much more purple blue than it shows in the photos.

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