Saturday, March 30, 2013

small collection post (well kinda....)

I took a quick snap of my wall nail polish collection ( I have more nail polishes in my Ikea Helmer).
All my Zoyas... my favorite polishes make the rack. Once in a while I will switch in and out polishes, but the Zoyas always stay. I am a Zoya whore!

If you are wondering about the gaps, its polishes at the bottom, that I have worn, so I know in the future not to where again for a few months. Don't judge me, it's my system!

Zoya of course!

I've been sticking to my no more Zoyas rule I set myself a few months back. Even though I have been tempted to get one of the new spring Zoyas, I have not given in! :applauds: (especially Neely!)

But I did paint my nails in Kieko this week:

Mind the horrible paint job, i did it while waiting for the girls to finish taking a bath, so it was def. rushed. And for something different, a coat of Fairy Dust!.. I do need a new bottle, for some reason mine has dried up a little.

A must have purple for your collection!