Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Short one today!

Hey everyone:)

Sorry for the lack of posts, but we will be posting more in the coming weeks, so please forgive us! Here are too looks that I did this week:
 This color is gorgeous, but will not photograph for sh*t! Its a beautiful striking blue and green duochrome that came out last year. I really wish it would photograph, but here is a quick link to it. I go bored the next day and added some white stripes and a red glittery heart that is from Color Club design nail polishes. I think it has a nautical feel, what do you think?
And this is a manicure that I did for a weekend outing with Renee that ended up being one of the worse events ever. We'll blog about it on All glitzed up sometime this week, but it was awful! But besides the crap night, I had a fun manicure for the event, I found new funky fingers in Five Below, which is a chain of stores in NY and NJ. It seriously is amazing(but you have to be fast, the good colors go fast!) And of course I topped it off with my new Butter London in Knackered for spring 2012. I am trying to get Renee to buy it, it seriously is the most gorgeous color. But that is it for now, I have some afternoon tasks, tata!