Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Marriage Of THE 2 Most Beautiful Polishes Ever: Zoya Zara And Unicorn Pee

I've always wondered how these two would look together, and it is no doubt a match made in heaven. Zoya has a beautiful microglitter in it, and shines amazingly on its own. It is just common sense to add some more shimmer on top. The combination is sparkly, soft, girlie, a unicorn pee-pee and dragon vomit concoction. I will certainly be staring at my nails all night at the Yankees game (if it's not rained out)

Happy Saturday my nail friends :)

Wet n wild, why you impress me so much?

I just have to say, WnW has been steller with their offerings this past year. From eyeshadows to eyeliners. I have been nothing but impressed with the new products.

Last night, I went food shopping with my boss( if this sounds weird, it aint, I'm a live in nanny) in pathmark( a supermarket chain in the states) and I was kinda of shocked to see that they had put in a huge Wet n Wild display with new products! Including there new Mermaids Cove nail polish collection. I practically sprinted to it like a cat chasing a mouse.

But the one thing that caught my eyes was a color called Waves of enchantment. It was like a shimmery light coral, but with more pink. It has been desribed as a carnation pink with lots of sparkle and shimmer. It is just a gorgeous color, and perfect for the spring/summer months. Overall dry time was pretty fast, I mean it wasn't a minute but I would l clock it around 3 minutes.
Waves of Enchantment- 1.99$
 Seriously, how stunning is this shade? I would have to say a good dupe for this color would be Zoya's Rica. Except Rica is more red. Both amazing colors to say the least. But that's it for now, going to watch some gilmore girls on Soapnet and probably fall asleep. Don't judge me.
 Tata for now!

Friday, May 13, 2011

My First FRANKEN! Glitter In MY Eyes

I'm so excited to say that I have finally tried out frankening, and I think I might be good at it! I started with a bottle of Rainbow by China Glaze, and dumped a small vile of teal sparkles, a small vile of pink sparkles, and a few dustings of green loose pigment, and voila. We have my first franken. That which I will name Glitter In MY Eyes (my take on Glitter in the air)

The pink from the sparkles kind of melted into the color which I ended up loving, and the green added a more shimmery base to it. All in all, I really love it!I love how the glitter kind of floats in the color instead of an all over glitter type of thing. And I love the iridescence of Rainbow.

What do you think? Do you franken? I can't wait to try more!!! Any suggestions?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"I'm back, baby doll!"

If anyone knows where that is from, you are awesome;)

sorry for the lack of posts, last weds morning, I pulled a muscle in my back that made it very hard to do anything remotely easy..aka.. everything.  But I did manage to do a few manis. This manicure was from a few weeks ago, guh.. I know! So bad at posting my nails!

This is Zoya's South beach. I love this color, but you need about 1000 coats just to see the green. I mean I'm sure they didnt mean for it to be a topcoat, but yeah... thats pretty much what it is. It is to bad, because it has so much potential! Under it.. shock.. NYC black. I swear, black makes every nail polish so much more amazing. It is just a fact.

Here is the other manicure that I did last week( that Im still sporting because its clarins 230!) and I dont want to take off that magic that is unicorn pee! But its all peeling and gross so it has to be done!
Crap picture, as I had to use my camera phone. Also take note of that crap konading, doesnt it just have a certain je ne sais quoi? But as I said before I am utter crap at Konading, so you were prepared. But that is it for now, work awaits! Tata for now,

Monday, May 9, 2011

Flower Glitter French Manicure

Hi everyone,
For this week I did a two-part manicure. I had done a similar manicure to this a few times last year before I started blogging, and I never took a picture of it, so this is kind of like part one. I wanted to take a picture of the original look before I added the rest of the flowers. I think the simpler look is more classy, but as I have worn it before I wanted to spice it up.

First I'll start with the swatch. Hanagoyomi is a cute line of Japanese nail polish that mimics the colors of flowers. It also comes in cute little heart shaped bottles. This color is called Cape Jasmine, or "kuchinashi." It is a pinkish tinted nude shade, great for French manicures. This brand also makes a birth flower line. I need to find more of these.
Hanagoyomi Cape Jasmine swatch
Cape Jasmine photo courtesy of
On to part one. The main color is Hanagoyomi Cape Jasmine. I painted the tips with Hanagoyomi Cattleya (type of orchid.) The big purple flowers are stickers, and I painted the white flowers I used New York Color French White Tip and a no-name Japanese yellow polish for nail designs. I finished the look with Coffret D'or gel topcoat.
Basic floral glitter french mani
This is part two. I painted the smaller purple flowers with Maybelline forever strong metallics + Iron Punked Out Purple.
Flower Glitter French Manicure by KitaRei

Which look do you like better?