Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Not Exactly Getting the Beiber Fever, New Color Club, Nicole Holiday Set

I saw it....I had to have it. Step 2 the Beat of My Heart....this superbly beautiful glittery swatch with giant hearts - so girly! So wonderful! So pretty! So...NOT! This is my first Nicole/opi and I have to say, for the price I paid, I'd rather have bought 2 Color Clubs...
this swatch sucks. Why put all these fabulous chunky hearts in a bottle if it's next to impossible to dig them out?i If they can't attach to the brush and glide on with ease, it's a pointless product. Who the hell wants to sit around and dig out the hearts to tediously apply them to your nails? Who has time for that?? I fished around for a few minutes and lost interest. I applied the swatch to two nails and dug out the hearts, and from all the dabbing and reapplying, the polish barely dried, it was thick, streaky, a complete mess.

It looks much prettier in the bottle.

Moving on.....!

This is an AWESOME color!! Color Club's "With Abandon". I've been trying to no avail to get my hands on a Ciate Paint Pot "Twilight" (swatched beautifully here on fashionpolish) but it's just out of my budget when I do find it on eBay...and impossible to get here in the US. I think this color is just about as close as I'm going to get to it. It's just beautiful! I can't tell if it's a really dark brown or a black color, but the sparkles it's filled with are deep brown and golden, and in some light they can look a bit green. I really recommend this. I picked it up for $3.00.

While out browsing the sale section, I found a Nicole by OPI Tinsel Tips set (3 miniature polishes). It came with 3 colors, and a strip of rhinestones to add to the nails. The one color that stood out to me in the set is called Kiss Me At Midnight. I tried all three - the red glitter swatch (sparkle my mistletoe) was lackluster and I decided not to waste my time with applying it and photographing it. The pink swatch called Stuck In The Chimney was just a little too pink for me. I think it'd look best on somebody with darker skin. It looked terrible on my washed out hands. The real winner in the pack was Kiss Me At Midnight. A deep coppery red that really shimmers with gold in the light. It's a must have, and made the kit worth buying.

Here are just a few photos of Stuck In The Chimney, while it's not my favorite, some might like it.

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  1. I read somewhere (may be from OPI) that Step to the beat of my heart can be turned upside down then when you turn it right side up to take the brush out, the hearts will be on the brush/stick... lemme know how that works.. I also am following you now :)