Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween Ghouls and Gals!

Being a nanny I have to get in the Halloween spirit if I like it or not, even if my back has been a nightmare the past few days ( note to self: sleep on side, not on back). But it's also nice to have an excuse to dress up (the ever original witch costume) and bake cookies!

But to also do a Halloween inspired manicure! Now I have to confess I'm not a huge fan of candy corn, I'm actually more privy to the ones that have chocolate at the bottom, The Indian candy corn. ( Insert the tune of Moose and Zee's "But I don't like candy corn!")
Don't judge me.

But onto the manicure! I used Zoya Sooki to make the various shades of orange, because I don't own an actual orange nail polish. Shocking, I know. And for the yellow, I used this detailing yellow nail polish that Renee got for me as part of my b-day gifts when I visited her in Japan.

For the glitter I used.. those awesome glitters that I got from AC moore, that I keep talking about. I tried to make the tips more opaque (mostly because I was happy with the redish orange tips and too lazy to paint them white) But in real life, it is much more obvious that they are white and I don't look lazy (thank you very much flash for basically sucking up the white and ruining my reputation as someone who took the time as actually painted the tips white instead of just drenching them in white glitter)

I love how the thumb came out /modest.
The ever amazing ettisais topcoat!

Okay, well off for now, tata and Happy Halloween!