Thursday, September 15, 2011

Butterfly flitter away!

I'm sure a lot of you read Emily nail files, a few months ago she posted this adorable bumble bee nail art. I loved it, and knew I had to recreate it but give it my own spin.
I don't know if any one has realized this, but I am bat shit crazy about butterflies. If I could change my name to Butterfly I would (Okay I wouldn't but that is only because I like my name..also one of my favorite singers is Butterfly Boucher, We even have the same bday, June 2nd). I used a Frankenstein color that I made, a bright shimmery baby blue for the background (curse you background for sucking all the color out) milani neon purple, and various nail art polishes.
This was a little more difficult to do, I took my time drawing the butterfly making sure it actually did indeed look like a butterfly.
I had to show a picture of the thumb. How hot is my flower? Modesty, that's me to a T.  I finally managed also to find two more of the Revlon's super glitters. One for Renee and the blue one(Blue Mosaic) that was shoved all the way in the back.. No smokey canvas though! boohiss.

I am going to try and post some pics of blue mosaic for my next blog, but ta-ta for now!

Revlon Scented Ramune/Gumdrop

This is the ramune scented polish, yes I did wind up getting it. This is not a shimmer like cotton candy, it is a light purple cream. It is essentially the same color as gumdrop (they even used the same cap.. lazy Revlon) and same ole qualityRevlon formula, lol, but in a Japanese package (JP limited bottle, sticker that says ramune.) It does smell a lot like ramune, but I really want to smell both US and JP versions to make sure they didn't fib a little. This one came with a free Revlon nail buffer, which was a nice bonus.
Revlon Scented Ramune/Gumdrop by KitaRei
Revlon Scented Ramune/Gumdrop, a photo by KitaRei on Flickr.

Monday, September 12, 2011

More red! (like that's a bad thing...)

If I haven't said it before, I'll say it again, red is my favorite color. I have this color from Sally Hansen called Brick Wall, its this gorgeous creamy blood red. I must have worn it at least 20 times already. And as seeing as it's fall( yeah yeah I know it's technically not fall yet) I grabbed it.But I've been spoiled with my super glitters and holo's because when I was finished it just didn't feel quite right yet. I went through my drawer of polishes and put on this super glittery holo topcoat that Julie gifted to me a few months ago. You have to be super patient with it because you will need about 4-5 coats of it before you see the effect. And even when you do get the effect it's really hard to photograph.I took a whole crap load of photographs, inside and outside. And still had a hard time capturing it. I need to get a light box already!


Here is a link to the holographic topcoat:
But I'm off for now, tata!