Thursday, November 7, 2013

Halloween manicure (late!)

Yep this is about a week late, but forgive me, I am quite lazy. And the week goes by so fast. Nope Im lazy.

A little Nightmare before Christmas anyone? Im a big fan of the movie, as well as my boss, so I had to do some Jack nails! And they were so easy! Black Zoya raven nail polish, white nail polish from an off brand (No name, sorry!) and Black detailing marker and striper from Sally Hansen. And of course my beloved Seche, which I bought a brand new bottle of because I accidentally threw my bottle away, how... No idea. But its gone. Oh well. Life goes on!
Me and the girls, trick or treating, I am of course SOFT KITTY! The girls: Gina is Snow White and Coley is Mulan. Not a lot of love for Mulan these days so I was pretty happy when I saw that she picked out Mulan, Go Coley!

Overall a very easy manicure, and Im sure if you go on pinterest you can find the exact manicure, as it really is not that original!