Friday, January 21, 2011

My New Vegan Nail Polish Brand Discovery: Goldie

I was rummaging through TJ Maxx today and came across a set of 8 gorgeous nail polishes for just $7. They are called Goldie, and apparently Bath & Bodyworks distributes them. They are presented in a really cute pink white & black damask box, and the bottles have molded flowers on the cap. I have never really seen a set of polishes where i want to try them all. There's usually a stinker or two in the box. But I was impressed with each color!

I have only swatched one so far, it doesn't have a name that I can see, but it's a deep aqua sparkly swatch and it is really nice. The application was very pretty, no streaks, looks even more vibrant with a layer of seche vite on it which is weird. The seche almost changed the color entirely, but I like it! I think the polish may have been intended to be matte. I don't know much about matte polishes though so that's just a guess.

two left fingers are without Seche, two right are with Seche

I thought i'd photograph it with the contrast of a gold NP bottle...

then I got an idea....

to bling up my ring finger

and I like it!!


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