Thursday, April 7, 2011

New mani and NYC French White Tip #134 Swatch

So last night after I cracked my thumbnail (damn shampoo samples, why do they make them so hard to rip open??) After I repaired and bandaged it I gave myself a new manicure. Of course, that thumb will be out of pictures for a while.

First I did a swatch of NYC French White Tip #134, as I was using this polish as the base for my next manicure anyway, so I thought I'd take a shot of it first on it's own.

This polish, like a few of the other NYC Long Wearing polishes I've tried, takes 4 coats to get an even color. The first few coats are uneaven and streaky. The end result is a pretty decent nail polish, however, and they make some very awesome colors, I especially like the glitters.

Here is a shot of what it looks like after two coats:

And here is the final product. For this manicure (of course I started with a good base coat) I used NYC #134 French White Tip as the main polish. As with all of the NYC Long Wearing colors I've tried, it takes about 4 coats to get an even color. The first 3 are streaky and uneven. For the thumb and ring fingers, I used a no-name hot pink polish, and on top I used NYC #105 Starry Silver Glitter, which I am really starting to like!


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Glitter In The Air: My Wednesday PINK Manicure

I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon and give the On Wednesdays We Wear Pink a shot (since I was already rocking a pink mani) I used 2 coats of Lippmann's Glitter In The Air (enter to win one here!) on top of 2 coats of NK Bubble Gum. I think that this is a sick swatch! I would recommend putting 2-3 layers of GITA because barely any glitter applies in the first swipe, and just a little in the second. 3 should get it done. But be prepared to have a lengthy dry-time.

I also tried this on a couple of light minty green colored swatches, and it looked great! It's a very versatile color. Definitely worth the purchase.

1st mani for On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

I happened across this idea when I was looking at manicures in one of my many flickr groups that I belong to. For more info, please check out

We are big Mean Girls fans, and why not? This idea is fun!
So here is my first manicure for On Wednesdays We Wear Pink. This one is more simple than some of the manicures I do, and they will be for a while (my fine-tip nail art brush got lost in the move.. I hope I find it!)

I busted out the vintage polish for this one! I really wish Maybelline still made such pretty colors.
I used Pink Sorbet for the main color. I used a vintage pastel Wet 'n' Wild Crystallics pale blue (Erika, does this bring back memories?) for the ring finger, to mix it up a bit, and on top of that and my thumb, I used the multi-sized gold glitter from the Nail Cocktail Champagne kit.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

150 Followers Giveaway is Launched! CLOSED -Winner will be announced soon!


Lets crack open the vino, A Polished Life has reached 150 followers, and we owe it all to you! Thank-you for your support!

We have many prior entries, but from hereon, we will take new entries here as well. Please reply here with your e-mail address to be entered.

+1 entry if you tweet about our blog (provide link)
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+1 entry if you comment on a blog post we made (we got it covered!)
+5 entries if you blog about our giveaway (provide link)
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First Prize:
Deborah Lippmann - Glitter In The Air

Second Prize:

Sally Hansen- Hard as nails in Night Lights  HTF!
Funky Fingers -volts
Zoya-Aria Thanks Scrangie!
Street Wear- Schmutz  (gorgeous chocolate shimmer!)
NYC- Techno Foil 255B  Beautiful pink foil
Maybelline Colorama-  Blazes of Blue 
We have extended the end date to April 18th (2011 of course, haha) so to give fellow bloggers and followers more to if they want to get in extra entries! We will use the same method we used in our prior giveaway,

Good luck everyone!

Oh...and about the 300 followers giveaway....keep reading future blogs of ours, and we will interlace photos of what our 300 followers giveaway will be comprised of. Here's the first...

Monday, April 4, 2011

From Simple to Colorful ;)

You guys should know how I feel about my OPI for sephora's, well if you don't.. I lurrrve them. I wish I could buy every color, but at 9.50$ a pop (yes they did go up from 9$, damn you sephora!) I have to get the ones that really catch my eyes.Which brings me to my next mani. I know I have mentioned flurry up a few times I believe, so I know your familiar with it.

It is marketed as a topcoat, but I wanted to try it by itself and see how many coats it would take before it actually covered my entire nail. Well I stopped at 5 coats. Lesson learned, keep it as a top coat! I even blobbed it on, to get the hexagons silver to stick, but still no luck. Overall, It was worth it, because when I was in Wegman's (which I have to say is amazing! I have never been there before so I was pleased to say the least) I got stopped by two people who said they could see it all the way at then end of the aisle, now that's amazing!
Ah simple, but so sparkly!
Now to the colorful, I have been eyeing the Sally Hansen nail effects for a while, but I thought 10$ was a little pricey for just one use. I mean you could get a whole bottle of O.P.I for that! So I passed, but then I saw them for sale priced for 4.59$ I grabbed two designs and viola! Here are the results:
Also, very easy to do, this took me a grand total of about 10 minutes!
Also we reached our goal! So ladies keep those fingers crossed and good luck!

My Lovebird Modeling With Zoya Sooki

I got my new Zoyas in the mail as part of the 2fer promo - my favorite of the 2 I picked was this brilliant candy apple red called Sooki. It's a new swatch part of their summer line. I had my lovebird, Cleo, out for a romp and thought i'd snap a shot of her perched on my Zoya fingers since she matched it so well! Below Cleo is Faye, the other polish I got in the promo.

150 Followers FIRST PRIZE Preview! Check it out! Second Prizes added!

We're just too excited to keep this from you! We only have 25 followers left until we meet our goal. Please check out the contest info and enter here:

(Since the giveaway is purchased and ready to go, we are going to shop for polishes for the 300 followers mark this week!)

Moving on...aside from the previously mentioned, Glitter In The Air First Prize-

Please check out the BEST swatches yet of this beauty, Glitter In The Air:

We will also include with our first prize:

OPI (Katy Perry) mini
Sally Girl glitter mini
Barry M Pink Iridescent
Nubar Antiquity Silver
China Glaze Mummy May I
Wet N Wild Fast Dry Party of 5 Glitters
Zoya Luna
Sinful Colors Show Me The Way
Chameleon Blue Sky

(all links above are swatched by other blogs, and linked directly to their albums)

So what do you say? Are you going to sign up? Please don't forget, if you blog about this giveaway, you get 5 extra entries.

Second Prizes! (plus a mystery polish!)

Sally Hansen- Hard as nails in Night Lights 
Funky Fingers -volts
Zoya-Aria Thanks Scrangie!
Street Wear- Schmutz  (gorgeous chocolate shimmer!)
NYC- Techno Foil 255B  Beautiful pink foil
Maybelline Colorama-  Blazes of Blue
Night Lights! So gorgeous in real life!
And a mystery polish, to keep things..well mysterious;)

Good luck to you all!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Unicorn Pee Over Barry M Indigo And My New Nfu Oh

I've swatched the crap out of Unicorn Pee since I received it from a super amazing RAOK friend....I've swatched it over lavender, over hot pink, over burgundy, black, etc. And now you can see it over a deep indigo from one of my favorites out there. Barry M. Gah...Clarins 230 never ceases to amaze me. I just stare at my nails all day when I have it on which can be rather distracting...but ah, whatever :)

Also, below that, I have swatched my newest Nfu Oh #48 - a really pretty and unique sheer pink flaky polish. It's different than most of the other Nfu Flakies because it has shimmer in it, too. I swatched it over a bright pink by OPI. See below.

Oh and before I forget - keep your eyes peeled Tuesday for a sneak peek of what first prize has to offer in our 150 followers giveaway! Oh yes, that's right! We decided to do a first and second prize. This is going to be a good one!! Don't forget to be ahead of the game. Mosey on down to our pre-entry page and register now. We're almost there!

Here is the Nfu Oh!

an extreme close up to see the sparkles and flakies together :)