Thursday, March 1, 2012

Just playing around

Before I show my current manicure, I have to tell our readers that Renee is going through something extremely personal right now. She will be back soon posting as soon as she can, she would love a few hugs though!

I've been in a polish funk and with my best friend going through something painful it is hard to be creative and colorful, but this morning ( I woke up at 5am!!!) I decided to try something like this:

Of course it looked nothing like it! But hey it was super early, so give me a break, ha ha. But here are the results:
The base black color is Zoya Raven, which is the most opaque black I have ever used! One coat. Done! I will add the other colors, but mostly I used silver, pink glitter detailing polishes and Zoya Keiko. Over all, a fun look, just what I needed! Tata for now!