Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Long Road to Nail Recovery - New Colors Waiting To be Swatched!

I can't take this anymore! each day...passes....!!!

I did promise myself I would not subject anybody to my swatching until my nails are healed and a decent length again, but damn it, I couldn't resist. I have all these gorgeous colors that keep coming in the mail, and it's some form of torture waiting to use them! Here are my newbies-

L to R- OPI Brand New Skates, OPI DS Magic, OPI DS Original, OPI DS Sapphire, Essie Sew Psyched, Sally Hanson Nail Prisms (found in thrift shop!) Garnet Lapis, and last, Orly Rockin' Rocket-

THIS is DS Magic. I am in love. It's my first designer series (the holos followed) - I wasn't able to capture it well, and I noticed other bloggers haven't been able too either, but it has this brilliant purple tint to it 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Keeping it simple...for now;)

I've been in a color rut as of late, I did the bright green glittery extravganza for Patty's day, but since then.. yeah the whole 7 days.. I've been keeping it pretty tame, for example:
I also forgot to add that I used micro glitter in clear as well as the Nubar 2010. Seriously, guys, if you find yourself in a Micheal's craft store..Seek it out! It is so much better then the glitter then sell on ebay. Plus you get 16 colors! I paid about 5$ for it. And you get a decent amount of glitter in each packet so this is going to last you ages. Here is another manicure:
I lovvve this color, it has hints of purple, and brown.. and of course gray. I was going to leave it all by its lonesome but after about 10 minutes of drying I covered it in 2010.
I am still conflicted with Rimmel and their stance of animal testing because they say they do not.. but are owned by Coty. Ahh.. Nothing in life is ever simple. ever.
But just wanted to make it a short one, as I am very deprived of sleep! But then again when you work 10 days in a row that tends to happen, ah the glamourous life of a nanny.. diamonds, bling and the like (yeah...right)
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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

150 Followers Giveaway - Deborah Lippmann's "Glitter In The Air" + 5 Mystery Polishes -PRE Enter NOW!

I have to once again apologize for being so quiet lately. I'm impatiently waiting for my brittle ruined nails to grow strong again. It's going to be a few weeks at least, but I promise to ramble about other things. And I'm definitely going to show off my new polishes this week, less the swatches...

That said, I was thinking it's time for a new giveaway....with a goal though! 150 followers. With the success of our last giveaway, I thought, why not another? It's so fun! The prize? Glitter in the Air. AND 5 mystery polishes. (i.e. haven't quite decided yet lol) The good news? It's opened to any country, so if you have a difficult time getting DL where you're from, you will want to enter this giveaway. The catch? None. We just want you to help us get more followers! The sooner we reach 150, the faster we can open up this giveaway and spread the Lippmann love. We will continue to do giveaways at certain milestones. 300, 500, etc. So stick around a while. You could be a winner :)



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