Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hooker Red French Manicure For A Party In NYC Tonight! (Julie)

I just felt it was appropriate- it's been a while since I glammed up. Today, in the mail, came my order from for NFU oh GS14 which is almost always sold out! I had already done my nails a nice candy-apple hooker red (Ulta professional - I call it my hooker red because I can never remember the name of it!) for tonight's events, and I *really* wanted to use the new Nfu Oh, so I got a little innovative, and broke out my french mani strips and voila! Hooker red/sparkly french manicure was born! And NOW i'm ready to go out :)

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***This look was inspired by Chloe's Nails -an incredibly talented artist (who I can see I share a lot of creative visions with!) She does so many glitter-tastic manis, and french tips, and her photos are so beautiful! Please do check out her blog if you're not already a subscriber!

Manicure for Grandma (erika)

Its my grandma's 73rd birthday in a few days and she is one of those woman who hardly do anything for themselves, she is just one of those kind of people who does everything for other people and nothing for herself.

Last night I went home for the weekend and I saw her nails, let me tell you folks it was not a pretty sight! I told her I was giving her a manicure and wasnt taking no for an answer. Luckily I had some manicure things with me, and she picked Nubar "Jewel" (that was given to me by the lovely Julie) which was kind of surprising to me. She usually picks colors like or pink.
                                                               Here are the results!

My manicure of the week is coming up!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Vat of Vite and Essie's Mesmerize (Julie)

Wandered into Diamond Beauty Supply today in Oceanside, NY and saw something I've never seen before. A vat of Vite. For $19.99. 4 fl. oz, and a regular sized .5 oz. vite came in the set! And a little funnel for easy refilling. What a great buy! It's basically for the price of 3 Seches (they're normally $6 to $7 each + tax here) you get 9! Did I do that math right? lol.

And after little self-convincing, I also picked up a bottle of Mesmerize by Essie. What an incredible color and formula. It only needed 1 coat on top of CND Stickey base coat for full and bright coverage.

It's slightly similar to Barry M's Indigo, only this is much bluer. In the bottle, Mesmerized appeared to be a softer more powdery blue, but when applied, proved to be more boastful, which was a pleasant surprise.

If my fingers look odd, it's because my middle nail chipped on the side so it looks REALLY off.

And here is Zoya's Sparkle top coat that I LOVE! Had to bling this up.

Oh! I swatched the Cult Nails "Iconic" and just added to the old post, so you can see my swatches of this fabulous brand here. Also want to mention that on my 3rd day of wear, there was still not even one little chip!! Amazing long-lasting formula. Kudos, Cult!

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Ohayo (Good Morning!) Polished Fans (Renee)

Been away a bit due to a foot surgery, and yesterday I decided to give myself a much needed manicure :)
All polishes I used are Japanese drugstore brands except the nail decals (Broadway Nail Art.)  Nothing too fancy, but I created a simple yet elegant look that is easy to re-create!

First, I coated my nails with basecoat.  Then I applied two coats of beige polish, to give a nude natural look.  Then I painted the tips with dark pink polish, painted the border between the pink and beige with a thin line of gold glitter with a nail art brush, put flower decals on my ring fingers and thumbs, and topped it off with two coats of clear coat.

Now, forgive me if this is late, (remember, surgery and the fact that there are no Sephoras in Japan) for all those ladies who love everything Kawaii (cute) I found the Hello Kitty for Sephora line, including nail polish!  The packaging is to die for cute, and the color swatches look really good too.  Here's the Sephora stock photo:

Pink Sprinkles looks so pretty!  I might have to nab me some..
Until next time polished fans!

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Hellllllo everyone! We are thrilled that we are slowly (but surely) getting followers. So to celebrate, we are offering our very first nail polish giveaway. If this is a success, we hope to have more giveaways once a month or so, so stay tuned.

The giveaway will be two gorgeous high-end nail polish brands. Deborah Lippmann, and South Korea's infamous NFU Oh.


Our own photos are soon to follow - but for now, here are some stock photos!

Here is a close-up of Razzle Dazzle :)

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- International entries are welcome, and encouraged!

(we will delete your comments from this post after the contest has expired, for the safety of all parties e-mail addresses and such, but we do recommend that you put spaces and/or dots when you post your e-mail address here, to bypass spambots)

Valentine's day nails (erika)

So as promised from last nights blog, here is my valentine's day look.
Using the flash.. good but also bad...(grrr tip wear!!)

Yes, I know the picture isn't the best, but after taking about 15 pictures I gave up. I know.. terrible, a nail polish quitter. 

I do have something to confess, that may shock you. I really do not like valentine's day, or how my family mispronounces it every time "valentime's day". You would think that a person who loved chocolate, hearts, and the color red would go lady gaga over it. But alas, I could care less. Can you tell I didn't receive a lot of valentines as child..or hugs for that matter?
But this is a great excuse to swatch my new China Glaze "ruby pumps" from their Wizard of Oz series. I have Dorothy Who? the amazing blue sparkly masterpiece, so I knew that the red would not disappoint. I added a simple white outlined heart, just something simple and classic. Like moi of course;)
I am going to (finally) do a blog about my recent stashes that I have acquired over the past month. I used to be one of those people who hated "hauling" I felt like it was just plain showing off, but now I know its just a way to show the new polishes that are out there, to drool over of course, ha ha.

But alas, I must go, but I do promise a haul blog! Ta ta for now:)