Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A polish suited for a princess with a matching name to boot!

When I saw this polish in Riteaid, I walked by it and was like meh, another blue polish.. But then I picked it up and saw flecks of rose gold. I knew I had to get it, also it was 1.99 so who could resist?
Cinderella by Sinful Colors!! Great name and amazing price!

Gorgeous pinkish flecks!
It has little pinkish flecks in it, that when caught in the light are so beautiful! I am so glad I did not pass on this one! I actually went through my entire collection( hitting 300 soon!!) and I did not have a color anywhere near this pretty. Only one blue that came close, and it was a light creme blue. 

But that's it for now! Ill catch you guys later!