Sunday, February 19, 2012

Canmake Nail Topping Coat

New for Spring 2012! Leave it to the Japanese to create the next biggest thing in nails, nail topcoats that look like ice cream and other desert toppings! I was able to score the last one left on the display (Mixed Berry Seeds) the other day when Yoshi actually found it (how good is he?) but I will be definitely picking up more as they restock.
There are 5 different topcoats, all made with REAL fruit and nuts except for Powdered Sugar. They are: Mixed Berry Seeds, Powdered Sugar, Dried Strawberry, Hawaiian Coconut, and Almond Crunch. I already have a manicure planned, I'm going to make a mint chocolate chip mani (even though mine is berry.. ah well the color is close enough!) Perfect for this season, since mint nail polish is going to be huge!

Canmake Nail Topping Coat Brochure (back) by KitaRei
Canmake Nail Topping Coat Brochure (back), a photo by KitaRei on Flickr.

image from here

Canmake Spring 2012 Nail Topping Coat

The colors I will use, Canmake #53 and #04 Mixed Fruit Seeds