Thursday, January 20, 2011

Trying something..(erika)

I did this purple gradient the other day(yes I did walk my ass to CVS to buy more np remover) and Im sorta kinda liking it. I wish I did a neater job though. I guess we all have our sloppy moments;) Please refrain from looking at my ragged as hell cuticles. I know they are not for anyones viewing pleasure,lol.




You know what's weird, in the fall when of course the style is to rock beautiful rich red and deep chocolate colors, all I want to wear is bright and flashy colors! But now that its winter, and i have so many beautiful wintery inspired shades.. all I want it to do deep reds and browns. I know, you are all saying (wherever and whoever you are) fuck it! Where what you want! Maybe this calls for Blair by Zoya! Does not get anymore gorgeous of a red then this! Its a almost cooler version of Colbie from Zoya. (which I seriously still have no idea why I do not own it!)




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