Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Japanese polish looks

In my last blog entry I mentioned that I went to Japan a few weeks ago to visit Renee. And of course brought back a slew of nail polishes with me. A few were birthday gifts from Renee, and some were "oh my lanta.. I need these in my life!"
From Renee! Nice smooth application and dries in about five minutes.
No, I don't have a monster sized hand, the bottles are tiny!
 A nail polish that Renee bought me, is a creamy gorgeous Tiffany blue. This is a great replica of China Glaze "For Tiffany". I can not remember the name though! But I will find the box it came in and report back!

On top, I added pa Pink Crackle, I have to say this crackle you need to be swifty with it, because it dries fast and putting on two coats makes it gross looking.  
I bet you are wondering what pa stands for, and to tell you.. I have no idea. Sorry!
I did manage to find this blogger who says there is a store in Chinatown in NYC that sells Pa, I may have to check it out! 
 As you can see, the Japanese love everything tiny,lol. From their clothes to red bulls! Tinnnny!
 Almost all of the nail polishes that I encountered were in small bottles. But the prices were good, so I didn't care. The Pa polish was about 2$ and the colors are amazing! I have a few more that I want to blog about, and Renee and Julie do too:) But for now, back to work!


Monday, July 25, 2011

Tutorial as promised;) Marbled Butterfly tip design!

Hey everyone!
Please be kind and bear with me as this is the first tutorial I have ever done! (sad, yes..)

What you need:
Black nail polish
Nail art brush (I used winning nails by worldwide #306)
white nail polish
four different nail polishes( three for butterfly body, 1 for base)
Nail polish remover

Step one: Paint a base color on your nail, it can be any color. But try not to make it too dark as you will not be able to see the butterfly body. I painted this a medium flat pink.
 Step two: Take a white creme nail polish and do a french nail tip. Try not to make the ends meet at the top, leave a little bit of space. This will be the area for the butterfly body.

  Step 3: Adding colors. Pick three colors that go well together, try to keep at least one a light color so you can see the marbling. Now warning, be fast! Take your skinny paint brush, dip into nail polish remover ( just enough to dampen it) and starting from the outside, drag the brush to the middle of the nail just where the butterfly body will be. Be paticient, this takes a few times to get right! I took me at least 10 times before I got the hang of it.
Step four: Add the butterfly body with black nail polish, just draw a think line for the base, dont be shy! Plump it up! and them here is the tricky part, for the antenii you have to be quick! Seriously the faster the better you will get a nice clean stroke. And to finish the design, dot some black dots on the wings.
The finished product!
Close up!

Glittery version:)

I know it doesnt seem simple, but really it is! It is all about how you can handle a nail art brush.  You have to teach yourself how to be quick, the quicker the better!
I hope this helped, I apologize for the blurry pics. My camera is charging so I am using my other one which is kind of funky in the macro dept. It's on its last legs, so I am not surprised.
Please let me know if you have any questions!

But tata for now!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

So in the name of Vanity...

I got acrylics done to my nails for my trip to Japan a few weeks ago. If you have ever been to Japan or even seen pics of the girls in Japan You know that everyone and their mother have these beautiful nails with the most insane and gorgeous designs. And well I have nubs.
Long nails in Japan at Renee's apt. in Osaka!

Very cute butterfly design that I will do a post about!

I have to say it did feel great having them on, knowing that I could do anything design wise. And it did feel good, but.. yes their is a but.. I couldnt do anything! Opening cans was an utter nightmare and before I knew it.. they had to go.

But before I even could grab the bottle of acetone and 1000 cotton balls, something bad happened :que dark and creepy tone: as I was going down the stairs I hit my right hand on the banister and pop! pop! pop! three nails came off. I took it as a sign and now I am the proud owner of stubs. Beautiful short stubs.

But I also wanted to say sorry for the absense of us, we are all vacationing, but now we are back in blog mode! Also the 28th is Julie's birthday, so stop by and wish her a Happy Birthday!

Tata for now!