Saturday, June 11, 2011

Super light gradient nails

Super light gradient nails by KitaRei
Super light gradient nails, a photo by KitaRei on Flickr.

This is actually the second person's nails I've done, the first I couldn't really get a good picture (I have one, but it is super dark.)

Yoshi's co-worker wanted her nails done, but since the companies are really strict here she was really limited on what she could choose. Believe it or not, I used 3 polish colors here and one fine glitter!

The base color (yes there actually is one ^^;;) is Hanagoyomi Cape Jasmine (kuchinashi.) I then painted the tips of her nails with two coats of NYC Nail Glossies #213, a gorgeous though super sheer pearly golden pink. Then, to blend the two colors together, I applied Sally Hanson Diamond Strength in Diamonds on the border of the colors and blended before they dried. To add a splash of color and accentuate the gradient, I sprinkled a dark pink fine glitter on the tips, and coated it with Coffret D'or gel topcoat.

Koh Blue Universe French Mani - Flakies!

%^&@%!^$*)%&*^!!!! This color is sick!! It is called Blue Universe. It's a deep navy cream base with holographic coral micro glitter, and holographic coral flakies in it. I wish I had done the full nail, but for now I do really like this. It doesn't show up so well here, but the flakies have a pink/coral color to them, and they go really well with the pinkish nude color underneath. Next time I will give Koh a real chance to shine, and paint all my nails with this color. I will definitely be back for more colors by them. I absolutely love this swatch.

I also added an accent nail so you can see a better swatch of Blue Universe.

Mint Green and Bubblegum Striped Manicure

I was looking at my Mint Green Dollywink polish that Yoshi got for me, and I know how mint green and pink go so well together, so I decided to do a striped mani :)
Here's a swatch of the Dollywink Mint Green polish:
Dolly Wink Mint Green swatch
I know the cuticle on my middle finger and thumb looks..well..doctored.. ^^;; I put a dab of color over it (I didn't try too it's kinda obvious) so you wouldn't see the cuts on my fingers.
The base color, as I mentioned, is Dollywink Mint Green. I painted the stripes with Hard Candy Bubblegum (remember this one Erika? wink ;) )and I finished the look with Nailene top coat.
Mint Green and Bubblegum Striped Manicure by KitaRei

Friday, June 10, 2011

The Messiah Of Pink Polishes: Zoya Faye

Hi everyone! After a long morning of blood tests and ouchies (the nurse really bruised up my arm, and it's still bleeding 4 hours later!) I've been realizing just how much time I've been spending @ labs and doctors, they sure do have a lot of my blood lately!

I returned home and needed something bright and cheery. I haven't really used my Zoyas lately because I've been so absorbed in my Deborah I figured  Zoya Faye would do the trick. And it definitely did. I forgot just how amazing this color is. It's a must-have for pink lovers, and even for those who aren't big fans of pink. You can't go wrong with this color...or the entire collection for that fact. They shine so intensely in the sun. And I feel that these colors really complement long nails. I think that's why I neglected these for a while, because I never felt like my short nails were deserving of it! Now I do!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Yet Another Glitter In The Air Combo

"geez, can't this chick get new material??" you're probably thinking....

I am the kind of girl, where if something works well, I stick to it. I like a shirt... I buy it in every color. It's just me. So when I ended up falling madly in love with Glitter In The Air, I now probably wear it once a week or so. And stare...and stare...

It's 3 coats of GITA over the pink essie swatch that I cannot remember lol - it's a pale coral sheer pink...

Monday, June 6, 2011

Sally Hansen Crackle! And I suck at blogging!

Wow! So sorry for the lack of blogs on my part. But the title says it all:P

But I did manage to do a few manicures. I have to say I haven't been feeling super creative as of late. I also have been swamped with school finals and all that jazz. But besides all that boring stuff! Lets get to the good stuff:)

Here is the first manicure!
I recently spotted the next person to jump on the crackle craze! Miss Hansen herself, Sally. I got the only colors they were offering(The others were sold out,boo hiss.) I bought blue (Distressed Denim) and red(Cherry Smash).

 For this mani, I used one of my beloved Sally Hansen nail designs. This was a gold glitter explosion of awesome! I do have to say these did not apply as easily as the girl flower ones from a few months ago. But they were super glittery so I forgave them. The I wondered what the blue crackle would look like on top. So I just added it to my ring finger (ala Julie) It wasn't amazing as I thought it would be, but I liked it!
Glitz Blitz!

Now last week I was in the big easy visiting my sister and niece for her 1st birthday ( I love you mama!) and I did this design:

This is a super sparkly pink color from finger paints called "Hue left me a message". and of course I had to top it with blue crackle. Oh I wish this had photographed better! It looked amazing in real life. I loved it so much that I didn't want to take it off.
Mind the crap cuticles!

Right now, I'm wearing Lubu heels from China Glaze.  It's so gorgeous and perfect for me right now. As I am in mourning. I celebrated a certain milestone in my life and well, lets just say.. it is one that every person (and I mean woman) doesnt exactly look forward too..
I should have taken a pic, but I didnt! And of course now it's too late because 60% of my nails are chipped and gross. Sexxy. But ta ta for now, countdown, 2 more weeks of school and I am free!

My LONG Nails, and My New KOH Polish!

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Hi everyone! So sorry for the time off from blogging. Life, without fail, has a way of interrupting the delicate balance here and there! I had a lot of scares and excitement mixed together over the last few weeks. On the sadder side, my grandmother became very ill and was hospitalized for nearly 2 weeks. Happy to report she is home again and doing well. The excitement comes from my recent engagement!

So to celebrate, I got acrylic tips yesterday. I know a lot of people frown upon tips, hell...I do, too! They hurt. They ruin your nails, they chip easily..blablabla. I get it. And I agree. But I wanted nice nails for when I show off my ring (it's being adjusted!). So I sucked it up and I'll keep them on for a while. My nails were badly damaged from all the stress these last few weeks have brought me, I chewed them down to nubs. So tips were well needed. I did ask for them to be short, because I cannot function well with long nails.

Here goes. My tips, with a nice light pink essie swatch (the name escapes me at the moment). I think I am going to top it off with Glitter In The Air when I get bored. I think that is the least boring color out there. :)

And now for the KOH Polish. I thought Nfu Oh was art in a bottle, well check out this presentation! I've been so psyched to receive this very expensive little treasure, and even more excited to swatch it. Check out the presentation! Quite impressive. This set comes in a shiny black case, with a fan, and a pretty uniquely shaped bottle. Way to go, Koh! You are worth every penny spent! Do you see this swatch? Wow. For all the flakie lovers out there, this is a no-brainer must-have. The color is called Blue Universe.

What do you think? What is your price-limit on polish? Would you pay $30??