Monday, January 7, 2013

Shame on us!

The post title says it all, shame on us! We have been so lax on posting that we need to fix this asap!

I do have to say that because we havent blogged (shame!) that my collection of nail polish has grown ... A LOT! Christmas was very kind to me this year, I recieved many amazing gifts (including the Cinderella Palette)

Ill do a post about my amazing Xmas gifts later ( I promise!) But I had to post these ombre nails that I had to recreate!
So okay they did not come out as planned, but I have to admit it was fairly easy to do! And the clean up is really easy. Plain water and the paint was gone. Make sure to use a nice coat of Seche after, it really makes the colors pop!

I also have given in and started to take biotin to see if it really works, after seeing Renee's very strong and long nails and HAIR! I sunk in and admitted defeat by buying a bottle of Biotin 1000 mg supplements at Target. Ive only been taking them for about a week and a half so nothing as of yet, but I will keep on keeping on and report back results.