Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A little something different...(Erika)

Okay, I havent been pulling my half of this blog(sorry Julie!) but since I was a complete moron and spilled a bottle of np remover on the bathroom floor(of course the rug part..) So im stuck with this streaky pale pink mess of a color. I thought, hey lets make lemonade out of this crap lemon that was handed to me. So lets do a post about something different, make up! (Okay its still beauty but it counts!)

I was recently going through my make up, and I realized that out of all the make up I own (which is way to much) I would list the few that I use. Now Im not going to say these are ones that I cant live without.. because that would be a tad dramatic.. but just a tad;)

1-DiorShow by Christian Dior
This mascara, which I found was a bit insane to spend 24$ on, is amazing. Worth the price. The brush gets your lashes so long, curled and full. Their is a reason this product is a best seller, it deserves it!

2- Sugar Plum by Fresh

I really dont care for lipsticks, I feel a bit overdone when i wear them. I love this product because it gives the look of a stain but it makes your lips feel soft and amazing. The color pay off is great because you can use one coat for just a tint, or layer it on for a stained dramatic look! Also it smells amazing!

3- 24/7 Black eyeliner- ZERO by Urban Decay

Blessed with small eyes (sarcasm here folks) I need to use products to open them up, and this does the job. I line the inside upper waterline and just lightly close my eyes. It is just enough color to open the eyes up, but not make them look smaller( does that make sense?) I actually use different black eyeliners but this one I tend to use the most!

4- Orgasm by NARS
Yes.. yes.. I know that lots of people rave about this blush. But seriously, it's a blush that any skin tone can wear. It has hints of gold, pink and peach blended together, pair it with Copacabana highlighter and it is a perfect combination.
Now I am sure that I have a ton more to add, but I have tons to do today.. like work..blah.

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