Monday, November 11, 2013

Gift from my awesome sister! and please ignore my gross cuticles...

Helllo everyone! I hope someone is still reading this blog, I know we were terrible bloggers and abandoned ship. School.. work... family problems and babies! Kinda took over, hopefully we will all be blogging again, I hope! But on to the nails:)

My sister is currently in Morocco, with my niece and I have been helping her with packages and such, so I was so happy to receive a sephora box in the mail with my name on the box. I thought for a second I won something because I am always entering contests and I knew I entered a few from sephora ( a girl can hope!) but when I opened the box, there was a note from my sister that of course made my day, and goodies in the form of Nars Nail polish and the sephora lip favorites! I love my sister because she always gets me things that I want but never buy myself, like Nars nail polish which I have had my eyes on for a long time!

She bought me this awesome set:

The colors are both called "sharp lines"but basically one is a peach that is opaque in 2 coats and a burgundy that gives vamp a run for its over priced money!

I painted my nails in the burgundy and at the last minute added a cover girl glosstini from The Hunger Games collection called Violet flicker that was too pretty to pass up at Cvs the other day. I will do a blog entry about that lil guy, they are so cute. A tad overpriced for the amount but the colors are so amazing I had to get one.
bottom- all the way to the left.

It was so hard photographing this polish, I mean I tried different lighting and angles, but this was the best I could do without resorting to going outside in the cold.. BRR!