Friday, January 14, 2011

Barielle "Shades" French Mani Kit from TJ Maxx (Julie)

I always get sidetracked on my way to work because just about every store known to man pops up on the way there. I had remembered i read somewhere recently that they found Barielle at TJ Maxx so I thought I'd drop in on my way to work. Mixed into the chaos that is TJ Maxx (did I also mention how much I loathe that place?) there was ONE Barielle french mani kit fact, it was the only thing they had for nails. It was only $4.99! I remember seeing this product online for about $16 and I had almost purchased it full price but had a change of heart. So needless to say, I left TJs pretty happy ;)

I gave it a try when I got home. Not quite using their colors. Actually, I only used the white they provided, and the little strips to help with the whole "french" part.

I think I did pretty good. So if you have a TJ Maxx nearby, you might want to check out their cosmetics dept and see if they have any left.

I paired it with my beloved Zoya shimmer top coat. And sealed it with Seche. I will give the whole set a shot after I've grown tired of this mani, and will update this post.

Hey have you noticed my nails are growing?? Go back to my initial posts when we started this blog about a month ago. I'm proud of myself! I've shed my artist dirty nails and I'm starting to see the rewards!

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