Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Nail polish and animal testing. OPI? ESSIE? Read on - this might shock you. (Julie)

I've really thought long and hard about this lately, and if you can believe it - certain NP brands STILL test on animals. I don't think i need to go on a tirade about how inhumane and cruel and awful this practice is....but I will urge you to NOT spend any money on their products. I did a lot of research this evening, and now it's 2am and I'm still up, further weaving myself into this world of animal testing. There is so much we choose to turn the other cheek to, but that's not going to make it go away! It's only going to strengthen the number of companies who still practice this. So next time you see a super cute swatch by one of the culprits, remember that there are plenty of companies out there that make perfect and superior dupes of that swatch that don't torture animals to achieve their product.

I have compiled a list exclusive to companies that produce nail polish. To see full lists which include more beauty products, just check out any of my resources listed at the bottom of this blog post.

Here is an up-to-date list of companies that produce nail polish that
IS tested on animals:

-Elizabeth Arden
-Max Factor
-Sally Beauty Supply (Alberto Culver)

Aside from that, there are many companies who purchases their ingredients from companies who DO test on animals. There is an official list that must be signed by companies which state they do not test on animals. After they have done so, they can be listed on sites such as PETA. One above most that stands out is Coty (opi, nyc color). While they claim to be cruelty-free (in a very vague statement) they will still not sign the papers which would add them to a list. I have also read from a few resources that they definitely do test on animals. I smell something fishy Coty!

This next list is compiled of cosmetics companies that tend not to test on animals themselves, but continue to buy, use and benefit financially from chemical ingredients that have recently been tested on animals by their suppliers:
- Avon
- Chanel
- Clarins
- Clinique

- Cover Girl (partnered with proctor & gamble)
- Essie (yes, essie! Acquired by L'Oreal in April 2010)
- Estee Lauder
- MAC - after a lot of research I have found that despite their testimonials, they still do
- NYC/New York Color (coty)
- OPI - *"was acquired by Coty LLC at the end of 2010. Coty tests on animals."
- Revlon

And we can argue to the death about "parent companies" - but I say if a company is purchasing the ingredients in which they use for their products from a company who's products are tested on animals, or is funding a company that does test on animals, yet still claim to be cruelty free, then they are freakin' FRAUDS.

Take for instance Coty (who has taken over OPI) I found a statement by a nail polish enthusiast and animal loving woman alike named Brooke on a nail polish, and I wholeheartedly agree with it...

"This is not a personal attack, nor is this an attack on Coty. I am not trying to upset you or disparage Coty. What I would like is for animal testing to end.

Coty's website reads: "We share our consumers' respect for life, and therefore are committed to maintaining the highest possible standards of human safety while eliminating the need for testing on animals." This is almost identical to Proctor & Gamble's statement (P&G is one of the biggest animal testing companies).

Coty is "committed to maintaining the highest possible standards of human safety" (meaning, 'we still need to test products on animals') "while eliminating the need for testing on animals" (meaning, 'we are working on ways to eliminate animal testing'). This is a slick and fancy way to say, "Yes, we test on animals, but conscious consumers should still buy from us because we could be working to eliminate animal testing."

Companies that do not test are very open about it. Consumers avoid companies that test on animals. Companies want consumers to buy from them. When they do not test on animals, they make this clear.

I have a serious problem with animal testing and I think it is important for consumers to be aware and informed"

Just some serious food for thought my friends. And if you still want to go out and get that new shade by Cover Girl tomorrow - please be aware that while most animals used for testing are bred for that specific reason, there are still countless numbers of animals that actually come from the pound. i.e. that lost cat or dog that nobody claimed and was left stranded at the pound, and even stolen pets! That sickens me to the core. If you doubt me on that statement, check out Dealing Dogs, the HBO document.

"Mice, rabbits, dogs, guinea pigs, cats and monkeys are the most commonly used animals for tests. It has been proven that there is already enough existing safety data, as well as in vitro (test tube) alternatives to make animal testing for cosmetics and household products even more unnecessary and unethical."

Now that I've probably drained you, here I will move on to companies that do not test on animals, nor do they purchase their ingredients from companies who do:

- Almay
- Barielle
- Barry M (vegan)
- BB Couture
- Bonnie Belle
- China Glaze
- Color Club (vegan)
- Clinique
- Deborah Lippmann (vegan)
- E.L.F. Cosmetics (transitioning to vegan!)
- Hard Candy
- Jane Cosmetics
- Jesse's Girl
- Jordana
- Misa (vegan)
- NFU Oh
- Nubar (vegan)
- Orly
- Rescue Beauty Lounge
- Seche
- Urbay Decay (vegan)
- Wet N' Wild
- Zoya (vegan),



  1. It's so great that you are raising awareness about this!! A million thanks for doing all the legwork here...maybe once people know their options, they will choose kindly <3

  2. Nope- Orly has made the "not tested on animals list" I will update it. Thanks :)

  3. Thank you very much for this excellent blog and updated lists, too, Julie ...

    Can anyone confirm -- regarding the Australian companies, Natio, and Bloom?


  4. Hey Lea,

    I am happy to report that bloom does not Animal test, but I am not sure about Natio. I sent them an email and will update when (and hopefully!) I receive a response. Thank you so much asking:)

  5. Thank you for this research. I am an Avon rep for fun and to raise funds for a sanctuary. I will write to Avon. I also use and am a Mary Kay rep, again to raise funds for the sanctuary. Did not see MK on the lists but will check at PETA.
    Asha Velamati

  6. Thank you very much, Erika, for your reply and your query to Natio ...

    I'm in Aus, and I know that Natio has a strong history and reputation of being organic and environmentally-aware and cruelty-free ... however, am just wondering and worrying a little about where nailpolish ingredients originate, as your excellent blog highlights.

    And, as mentioned, wanted to know the same questions re Natalie Bloom, too -- thanks for letting me know that Bloom is cruelty-free -- for certain, yes?

    Also, adding to the conversation including Asha's comment, above -- I have also noticed that Avon is on the U.S. cruelty-free lists, but not on the Australian Beauty-without-cruelty list -- somewhat confusing ...?

    And, from Natio's website - -
    Q: Does Natio test its products on animals?
    A: No, Natio does not conduct or condone animal testing. Neither our ingredients nor manufacturing processes harm animals. We have been accredited since 1996 by 'Choose Cruelty Free'. We actively support this Australian organisation that screens beauty care companies and helps consumers recognise genuine cruelty-free brands.
    Our stance against animal cruelty is documented in all our promotional material. However, because laws regarding statements on animal testing vary from country to country, we cannot print our cruelty-free policy on our packaging. We assure you that Natio very firmly opposes the testing of products on animals.

  7. Thanks so much for doing a post on cruelty free and vegan nail polish, it's nice to know that not just us vegans care about products being tested on animals :)

  8. Thanks for the list. I was searching for cruelty free nail polish today and had a heck of a time trying to figure out what I could buy. I ended up with Essie, which I see now is wishy washy. I am bookmarking this and will make a better informed decision next time.

  9. It is tough to find it right? I'm glad this list is helping out, and I will continue to update it when new info is available :)

  10. Omg...I'm definitely reblogging this!!! Of course will link to your post! Shocking!!

  11. Is Nfu-Oh for sure cruelty free? I had read elsewhere they were not determined. I'd love to know for certain. I blog as well, and ONLY on cruelty free products, preferring and pointing out the vegan. I have trouble finding this stuff out and I'm going to be picking through your sources as well! Thank you so much for compiling this list. I also speak against buying from companies that purchase their ingredients from animal testing suppliers and I see I've been wrong on one or two. Crap!! I've also been really right on a lot of them as well, so I guess not so crap. I also speak against supporting brands with parent companies that test, e.g. Coty owning OPI. I was so sickened by OPI being bought out by Coty that I packed all my OPIs in boxes even though they had all been purchased before the Coty sale. Coty owns about everything it sometimes seems.
    This is a tough stand to make, it's sometimes really difficult to find out what exactly is going on in these companies. I email them, I dig on their websites and you have to be so careful about how they respond. It's challenging.
    SpaRitual is vegan, that is one that can be added. They have some great colors!

    Thank you again for this. Do you mind if I link to you as a resource? I have a small readership as I'm rather new but I take no prisoners on this topic and won't. Any info we can give is one more step towards change.

  12. Thanks for this great post! I share your passion. More people need to know that ugly animal testing is going on to give us beautiful cosmetics. Keep informing as many people as you can to buy cruelty free!

  13. I started following just from reading this blog post, I like people who care about animals ♥


  14. nice! thanks for helping me research on safe nail polish! i don't know if you mentioned it but is butter london a ok 2? my cousin who orks for there says it is super great and animal teasted free!

  15. Any idea about Finger Paints, Milani or Sinful Colors?

    1. As far as I know, Singful Colors and Milani are animal friendly..know nothing of Finger Paints though.

  16. You have clinique on 2 lists: What's the story there?

  17. I'm going to make a link to this on my blog soon. Thank you for educating people about this important issue :)

  18. This is very helpful indeed but re OPI my question is, is it animal tested free? In my opinion being bought by Coti or not doesn't change the fact they are not tested or are they? I would even say if they get bought by big companies who are not so conscious at least their money is now usefully used and they are going in the right direction...
    I know Essie was bought by L'Oreal again same question.. Is it animal tested?
    If brands like Essie and OPI used by all the nail salons in the word are still animal tested free then it is great news they get more support financially to grow don't you think? :-)

  19. I have been aware of this for a year and a half (+) now, and completely agree with you and the other woman Brooke. but I am a little confused, you included Clinique under companies that don't test but still buy/partner up w/ other companies that involve animals in testing..but you also included; Clinique under animal cruelty free companies? I guess that's a sign to stay away hah.

  20. I just found out that Models Own don't appear to test their products or ingredients on aniamls:

  21. Hi, thank u very much for this post! But are u sure that Coty inc. test their products in animals? I'm Asking because i read this on Sally Hansen page and it mentions Coty : "Does Sally Hansen test on animals?
    No, we do not test our finished products or ingredients on animals, nor do we commission any third party to do so. Coty Inc. Statement on Animal Testing: Coty Inc. is a leader in the global beauty industry and one of the world’s largest fragrance companies. We have developed a portfolio of notable brands and offer innovative products of outstanding quality for which we are committed to maintaining the highest possible standards of consumer safety"

  22. Almay and Revlon use third party animal testing. Almay is a Revlon product.

  23. you wrote that clinique uses products from companies that test on animals and then you put on list that don't buy from them. which is it. and wat about neutrogena

  24. Do you know if finger paint nail polish is tested on animals?

  25. Hi...the following is from the PETA site re: OPI...I have a bunch of OPI and am on the brink of replacing all of it with something else unless someone knows something more about the below:

    Sep 6, 2011 4:05 PM
    We are happy to let you know that OPI remains cruelty-free despite its acquisition by Coty. Once again, OPI has signed PETA’s statement of assurance to show its commitment to our Caring Consumer campaign and to verify that it will not conduct or commission any animal tests on ingredients, formulas, or finished products and that it pledges not to do so in the future.

  26. Quick question, I saw at the beginning of the blog the company clinique as one of those that uses parts that have been tested on animals, and then the last list of "companies that don't test their products on animals nor use parts that have been tested on animals" clinique was mentioned again... so i was confused...
    Apart from that I loved it lots!!

  27. Unfortunately urban decay has recently been purchased by L'Oreal, so I would no longer consider them as animal friendly.

  28. Hello there! Just started with a group on facebook and copied your link to "Humans against Inhumanity" - I hope this was with your consent :) Great article and well researched!!! Keep up the cruel-free work :)

  29. Hi there,

    You have Clinique on your do not test list - Clinique is not cruelty free. Please check your sources and update this list.

    Thank you

  30. Im sharing this on my businesses Facebook page! BTW L.A Color and L.A. Girl as well as their parent company of Beauty 21, does NOT do animal testing. Considering their products start at $1 this proves you don't have to do something unethical just to make a fabulous product. Thanks for writing this!

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  32. Hi there thanks so so much for doing this. Do you happen to know if Brucci is cruelty free? Thank you:)

  33. Does anyone know anything about Bari Cosmetics or Broadway Nails? I'm going to assume Broadway Nails probably isn't cruelty-free, considering it's manufactured in China.

  34. Some of these companies SAY they don't test...but they order to sell in China. Or they allow the Chinese to test their products on animals so they can sell in China. This absolutely stinks. This includes Avon and Revlon which have been known NOT to test in the past. Now they do.