Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dupe Candidate for Clarins #230? (Julie)

Her Erika, this post is for you! :)

NFU OH 51! Now, there are quite a few differences, but I think this is equally breath-taking, and holds a candle to it for sure! My coveted #51 by NFU Oh on top of Yes...I can by OPI. I used just 1 coat of each, and 1 coat of seche to seal it.

While I'm sure it's not an exact dupe (nfu oh is a flakie, clarins is not) - I'd say this just might be enough to satisfy your urge, no? I'm guessing most are not interested in spending over $100 on one bottle of NP, so why not get this? Plus, you can get this shade and MANY more from for only $12.50 per bottle plus free shipping. And you and I both know that NFU bottles are by far superior to other brands. They're so neat!

under artificial light
also in natural light

in bright sunlight

And here is the Clarins #230 as seen on

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  1. Hmm you know that's really not that far off! Maybe over a more browny red. I'm thinking Zoya Cola. I have that one. Send me a Nfu Oh for my birthday (yesterday) and I'll try it out for you ;). lol