Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wants! (Erika)

As I stated in my last blog, Here are my current wants of the nail polish world ( or more like needs!)
Nouvelle Vague

This polish came out for the spring 2010 Chanel line, from the moment that I saw it.. I was majorly lemming for it. Some says its Tiffany blue, but I think its more of a cross between a baby blue and a smidgen of sleeping beauty turquoise. This color has been retailing for over 50-100$ on the evil bay and other e-tail sites. I adore this color, but I do not adore that amount of money..le sigh.

Sea By RGB Nail polish
I've never heard of RGB before.. I probably have, but my nail polish memory is a bit foggy;) I found this color on one day, and I was struck by how vivid and striking it was. The swirls of blue and green.. it really does remind me of a night time sea. Now I own "Teal we meet again" by OPI for Sephora.. and it could be a pretty decent dupe. But I don't think it comes near to how amazing and beautiful this color is (and you all know how I feel about my OPI for Sephora nail polishes!)

Starry Starry Night by Essie
Now I am pretty sure this was Essie's version of the very coveted Night Sky by Chanel( does anyone remember that one? It was a nail polish contest by Seventeen magazine, that if you sent in an original nail polish creation, Chanel would sell the color. I remember the ads for it, the color in French was called Ciel de Nuit) Now I know I have a better chance of getting hit by lightening then owning that color, but I think the Essie version is a great replica. Alas, this too is a very HTF color and when it does come on eBay.. it too is very $$$. One day Erika, one day.

230 by Clarins
I discovered this color about two years ago on a few NP Blogs. I love the name it was dubbed "Unicorn Pee" and I can understand why! This color is super rare and super gorgeous! If you go to the blog I linked, it shows more pictures of this amazing color in different lights. I have not seen a dupe for this color, maybe the Sally Hanson prisms but that is about it. Curse Clarins for discontinuing this amazing color, curse them straight to fiery hell! Ok, maybe not.. but curse the eBay sellers that sell this color for over 100$ The last time I saw this color on eBay, it fetched 172$ Yep.. Insanity defined.

Next blog, my trip to the city haul!

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