Monday, January 10, 2011

Some new super pretty swatches, and a little experiment (Julie)

I have a few swatches to share this evening, while The Bachelor begs for my attention but cannot hold it. Speaking of the bachelor...this dude sucks. He's icky. And I hate how everything is so damn fake and staged. That being said, I still DVR it, and I will still keep it on in the background each week...and I just might "awww" a few times. Might call some girls bitches. Rightfully so.

Moving on!

I mentioned a few posts ago that I received China Glaze Innocence, and Zoya Sparkle Gloss top voila, here the two are worn together in all their glory. Obviously, it's not right for my skin tone but I'll show it off anyway cus it's perty!

Also I know I am constantly apologizing for my bad photos and bad lighting - looking at everyone else's beautiful blog photos make it look so easy. How are you all doing it?

Moving on from my sickly pale fingers, I swatched one of my favorites by Color Club that I've had since the summer and I use liberally and often! It's an extra sparkly swatch, mainly orange but when the light hits it, it shimmers pink. It's super original. The swatch is called Wild And Willing. Now if that's not the most suggestive swatch name I've heard ;)

And here is a little experiment I did. Basing this on what I learned in an older post I thought i'd try it with a darker color and make it a little edgier. I don't know if this is a complete fail or if it looks good yet though. I certainly love all the sparkles, that goes without saying, but it could very well be ugly. What do you think?

I used 5 different bottles in this concoction - I will update later with the brands and swatch names. The photo came out off-colored and a bit faded because I'm working with artificial light.

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