Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Thrift shop nail polish HAUL!! 12 bottles for $8 weeee

OPI, Orly, China Glaze, even a Barielle!! I love New York, and I love thrifting. We get all the designer clothing rejects from the rich Manhattanites, and apparently the nail polish discards, too. :) These are all either unused or what appear to have been tested. I think perhaps they were extras or past seasons from a nail salon? Some of the bottles even look to be worn, but those were not used. Maybe they were in storage. There were quite a few bags, but the other colors weren't really my style.

What's strange is I was thinking today "what a treat it'd be if I found some nice NP at the thrift shop sometime" and BAM. There they were, beaming at me - just glistening through the plastic bags screaming "buy us, Julie! Buy us! You can afford us!"

the colors:
Orly- Tie the Knot
Orly - Moon Shadow
Orly - Spellbound (very similar to moon shadow)
Orly - Sweet Temptation
OPI - Heart Throb
OPI - Elephantastic Pink
China Glaze - Thataway
China Glaze - Heaven
China Glaze - Drastic
China Glaze - Heart Of Africa
Barielle - Restorative Nail Serum
Orlane - #26

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  1. I'm so drolling!!! I love thrifting and nail polish omg!! I will be on the nail polish hunt. thanks for sharing..