Friday, January 7, 2011

Revlon-Perplex (Erika)

So... I decided to revisit Revlon nail polishes when I found a bottle of the coveted Perplex. Revlon released this a few months ago, with no mention from them, that it was an obvious copy of Paradoxal from Chanel. I do have to say, Revlon you sneaky bastards.. you did it! It is an almost dupe for Chanel's. The only qualm is that this seems to have a bit more of a shimmer in Perplex. But that's about it.

Now, this is a gorgeous color.. no doubt. But, One question directed towards Revlon: What the hell is up with your formula?

I swear, I waited between coats and air dried for almost an hour and it still smudged. After an hour. Also, bubbles.. is their a reason that every time I use Revlon NP, it bubbles?

This polish is a keeper, but I think I'm going to add some kind of thinner to see if I get better results.
Here are comparisons between Perplex and Paradoxal:

Now, the stock photo of Paradoxal isn't much of a help, and seeing as I don't own my own bottle of it(hello, why do you think I got the cheaper version?) Now If you look closer at the picture of the Revlon, you can see the bubbling. Ugh. I no likey. I even tried a glitter topcoat..and it just did not help at all. Oh.. Revlon, what am I going to do with you?

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  1. Hey-
    Thanks! I love your photography, great nail pics! The katy perry post is making me want to run out and buy the entire collection!