Sunday, December 19, 2010

Two Swatch Combinations - O.P.I Burlesque And China Glaze Rainbow (Julie)

I'm starting to get more experimental, and I really love my glitters, so the last few applications, I've been testing out what sparkle top coats go with which swatches the best. I still haven't figured out the very best looks, and I certainly haven't learned to apply it as nicely as most, but here are two color combos I did recently, and rather like.
First is from O.P.I.'s Burlesque collection (released for the Christina Aguilera flick) called Sparkle-icious. It's an extra sparkly polish mixed with flakes of purple, blue, and gold. It works well as a birthday color! Reminds me of birthday cake. I'm not a huge fan. Lately I've been growing more fond of the chunkier sparkles (at first I was on the fence) over the smaller sparkles like these. Anyway, I started with 1 coat of Rainbow by China glaze, and followed up with two coats of Sparkle-icious. And voila.

Next I tried Orly's Velvet Rope and topped it off with one of my favorite top coats ever - Fairy Dust by China Glaze. Do you have this color yet? If not you need it!!! The rainbows still never cease to amaze me. And it's really easy to remove.

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