Thursday, December 16, 2010

2 New Colors! Nubar Brilliance & NYC Starry Silver Glitter! (Julie)

Just got a new Nubar in the mail today, and it's SO pretty, but I fear I am just too pale for it. Tanned skin might be better for this swatch. I really do love it though. It's a prism color with all the lovely rainbow colors fit for a princess ;) The NYC color is just freaking awesome. I started with a base layer of China Glaze's Pixie Dust, then I added just 1 layer of NYC's Starry Silver Glitter. I love it, but if the huge chunks of glitter aren't hitting the light, one might be confused as to what the hell kind of nail disease I might have. I guess it just takes a little adjusting to not think there are bugs crawling around on my fingers right now. But it is definitely really pretty. I think that the Pixie Dust definitely made this swatch more interesting. This is my first NYC polish and I felt it was definitely worth the .99 cents! So does this stuff peel right off? Or will the seche vite guarantee a day or so of wear?

And a little photography & photoshop fun, with my new scarf since the colors matched so well! Those are x-mas lights hanging in the background btw!

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