Monday, December 20, 2010

Deborah Lippmann showed up in the mail today (Julie)

I've heard so many rave reviews over Deborah Lippmann - how edgy and unique the swatches are. When I first saw this color I was floored at how beautiful nail polish has become these days! I feel I've started yet another obsession, and goal - to own the entire collection. I am surely going to be getting more in due time. But here's Bad Romance, the swatch designed for (or by?) Lady Gaga. I am not a gaga fan by a long shot, but this redeems her a bit in my mind!

The color is a lot smoother than it photographed (again, I'm new! Bare with me!) but it really is. No bumps whatsoever. The pink just glows through the black and makes this a lot less "goth" than I thought it might appear. This color is worth the $19 spent.

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