Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Like Yin and Yang - Sinful Colors And Ulta Wintry Swatches (Julie)

I dropped into Walgreens, my trusty supplier of Sinful Colors just to see what they're up to, since I haven't bought any of their NP in ages. I wanted to see if they had anything wintry and glittery, and there I spotted the swatch they call "Nail Junkie". It is a sparkly, flaky, super shimmery green jelly with blue, silver, and gold flakes of various sizes. I thought it looked amazing and really impressive next to the other swatches they had in the store. When I brought it home I had a feeling it would be lack-luster by itself, so I paired it with my Ulta swatch "Dance Teal Dawn". So glad I did! The color is so bright and vibrant, and they work perfectly together. This has become my "favorite for now" color. The teal of the Ulta really helps the blue sparkles in the Sinful Color swatch pop! The Sinful Colors swatch is rich and loaded with sparkles, and has brought me back to understanding just why I fell in love with them to begin with! Thanks Sinful Colors. I think I'll be back :) Now just try and not chip so fast...

This application was a nail hardener base, 1 coat of Ulta's Dance Til' Dawn, 1 coat of Sinful Color's "Nail Junkie", and seche vite to seal the deal.

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