Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Collection Pics (Erika)

So over the past year and a half I have amassed a little collection of nail polishes. I tend to buy my polishes in groups instead of just one at a time... (hence the Zoya) What can I say I like varity;)

My Zoyas!

I love Zoya and for years I would see it advertised in magazines and wanted to buy it but it was only available in salons at the time. But now if you go to (art of beauty) you get sucked into buying at least 3 or 4. They always have some kind of promo going on, so wait for them or follow them on twitter.

Zoya glitters!

Waiting for a new shelf!

Some of my collection. I need to get another display for the other NP that I have gotten in the past months.

Just some OPI for Sephora minis. This is a great set, because it has so much variety from pale pink to a dark shimmery purple

More Zoya, and then Essies, and at the bottom are NYC nail polishes. Affordable and a great selection of colors!

This is just a few pics that I wanted to get up before I forgot, I would love to take group shots but.. Im sure that would take to much time, and well Im kinda lazy too.. I kid. Sorta.

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