Monday, April 4, 2011

My Lovebird Modeling With Zoya Sooki

I got my new Zoyas in the mail as part of the 2fer promo - my favorite of the 2 I picked was this brilliant candy apple red called Sooki. It's a new swatch part of their summer line. I had my lovebird, Cleo, out for a romp and thought i'd snap a shot of her perched on my Zoya fingers since she matched it so well! Below Cleo is Faye, the other polish I got in the promo.


  1. Which color did your love bird like the most? :)

  2. thank you!! I think Cleo is a huge fan of the reds :) I love reds, but I can't stand how they stain my fingers!

  3. I love Cleo! Oh my goodness, what a beauty! I used to have a couple of parakeets that passed just this past year :( I had had one of them for around 13 years!