Thursday, April 7, 2011

New mani and NYC French White Tip #134 Swatch

So last night after I cracked my thumbnail (damn shampoo samples, why do they make them so hard to rip open??) After I repaired and bandaged it I gave myself a new manicure. Of course, that thumb will be out of pictures for a while.

First I did a swatch of NYC French White Tip #134, as I was using this polish as the base for my next manicure anyway, so I thought I'd take a shot of it first on it's own.

This polish, like a few of the other NYC Long Wearing polishes I've tried, takes 4 coats to get an even color. The first few coats are uneaven and streaky. The end result is a pretty decent nail polish, however, and they make some very awesome colors, I especially like the glitters.

Here is a shot of what it looks like after two coats:

And here is the final product. For this manicure (of course I started with a good base coat) I used NYC #134 French White Tip as the main polish. As with all of the NYC Long Wearing colors I've tried, it takes about 4 coats to get an even color. The first 3 are streaky and uneven. For the thumb and ring fingers, I used a no-name hot pink polish, and on top I used NYC #105 Starry Silver Glitter, which I am really starting to like!



  1. That NYC white nail polish isn't to good. My friend was going to buy it the other day, good thing she didn't
    -cute mani (:

  2. Yeah, I own it, but for 99 cents, so I guess you get what you pay for.

    I have noticed that it works wonders for when you do a french tip, its not to runny but not to thick. just the right amount of coverage. Oh lord, I sound like goldie locks, ha ha.

  3. the white looks so interesting, think I'm going to try that!!
    check out my blog too if your up..