Sunday, April 3, 2011

Unicorn Pee Over Barry M Indigo And My New Nfu Oh

I've swatched the crap out of Unicorn Pee since I received it from a super amazing RAOK friend....I've swatched it over lavender, over hot pink, over burgundy, black, etc. And now you can see it over a deep indigo from one of my favorites out there. Barry M. Gah...Clarins 230 never ceases to amaze me. I just stare at my nails all day when I have it on which can be rather distracting...but ah, whatever :)

Also, below that, I have swatched my newest Nfu Oh #48 - a really pretty and unique sheer pink flaky polish. It's different than most of the other Nfu Flakies because it has shimmer in it, too. I swatched it over a bright pink by OPI. See below.

Oh and before I forget - keep your eyes peeled Tuesday for a sneak peek of what first prize has to offer in our 150 followers giveaway! Oh yes, that's right! We decided to do a first and second prize. This is going to be a good one!! Don't forget to be ahead of the game. Mosey on down to our pre-entry page and register now. We're almost there!

Here is the Nfu Oh!

an extreme close up to see the sparkles and flakies together :)

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  1. Loved the colors and combination. I'm trying to do something like that :)